New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Rest Of California (At A Glance)

December 9th: Slept in. Brunch at one of the Comolli's houses. $25 taxi to get there! Ahh! Split among a couple people luckily. Delicious brunch. Quiche, fresh fruit, pastries, and orange juice.

Over to Twin Peaks for amazing views with Kimber, my sister Kate, and her boyfriend, Greg. Short hike from the car to the top of the hill. Photo shoot. Met a bunch of people at Land's End (not the store) for a walk along the coast. I hadn't eaten since breakfast and I was getting "hangry" (hungry + angry) by the end of the walk/hike.

Kate, Kimber and I stopped at Super Duper for a quick snack before dinner at the Retiro house (mostly to calm my empty stomach). Garlic and parmesan fries for me (something real light). Ice creams for the ladies. Extra ice cream cone made late. I took one for the team and ate it. Garlic fries followed by ice cream isn't a great combination, but it was all so good. Terrible breath. Kate can vouch.

Lasagna for dinner with the family and bed at a decent hour. Day off from running.

December 10th: Woke up with Kimber at 4am to send her on her way to the airport in the Super Shuttle. Back to bed. Made another trip to Land's End with a bigger group this time. Walked down to the water this time and checked out the numerous starfish. Ate at the restaurant. Fried calamari. Mmmm. Second time having it and it was an excellent choice.

The rest of the day was relaxing and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

5+ miles (37:07) on the my own in the evening.

December 11th: Took a smaller group (Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and my parents) to Muir Woods National Monument. Ridiculously large redwoods. Lots of pictures and walking.

Downtown with my mom and Aunt Jane to return the wedding cake stand to the cupcake place. Bought a Lemony Lemon cupcake for later. Stopped at The Grove for a turkey club with the addition of homemade spicy mayo and avocado. Coca Cola to wash it all down. Cupcake for dessert.

Over to met others at Starbucks and window shop a bit. Stopped at Lululemon. Unfortunately, I did not see a picture of Josh Ferenc on the wall. I was kinda disappointed. He said it's still in the works and will be making it over to the West coast.

Day off from running and relaxed the rest of the day. Leftover lasagna for dinner. Packed my luggage and headed over to my sister's apartment so I could carpool in the same Super Shuttle with a family friend that had the same flight the next morning.

December 12th: Travel day was went fairly smoothly. The only speed bump (not very proud of this moment, but it was an honest mistake). Kim (mom's friend from high school) and I made it through security with a bunch of time to spare before our 6:50am takeoff. We decided to grab breakfast and Kim wanted Starbucks. So we found the Starbucks on the map. It showed that the Starbucks was downstairs. We proceeded downstairs. Kim ordered her coffee and we headed back up the escalator to find that we had to go through security for a 2nd time. Boo! The Starbucks should not be advertised on the other side of security. Another option would be to have a disclaimer on the navigation map/by the stairs that you are crossing an invisible barrier that only allows people to pass in one direction. Luckily, we had more than enough time to make it through security again and grab breakfast before the flight boarded.

Two flights. Bagel with cream cheese before the first flight. Huge omelette during the first flight (purchased in the terminal). 4 hours 36 minutes airtime to Philadelphia. Cookie Dough ice cream cone in the Philly terminal for a snack/dinner at 4ish. 39 minutes to Albany. Home by 8:30ish. A Clif Bar and bed at a decent time.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos of your trip. Congrats on your family growing!

  2. No problem Glenn. Glad people are enjoying my blog!