New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, December 14, 2012

Make Dinner? Sure.

December 3rd: 5:10am wakeup. Alyssa and I volunteered to stakeout the parking lot for safety violations. We had complaints reported of people exceeding the facilities speed limit (no radar gun required since it's only 10 mph), not obeying the speed limit, and not using their directional for Trailer City. 99.9% of the cars did not do this. Safety observations noted. Powerpoint made on the issues and sent over to our manager.

Productive day with a bunch of SL3's for tool sign-offs and a long day logged in (6am-4pm). Late lunch and another day that I bought lunch (giftcard used). I ordered a chicken sandwich off the digital menu because it sounded bomb. Avocado, ranchero sauce, salsa, bacon, sautéed spinach and cheddar cheese. I was thrown off when I was asked what kind of cheese I wanted (I thought it came with cheddar). Next, the guy asked me if I wanted lettuce, onion, and tomato on the sandwich. I kinda blanked and said, "Yes please." The guy handed me my sandwich and turned to head to the register. Paused for a second and realized I ordered a more complex chicken sandwich. I returned to the grill and asked if I could get the chicken sandwich with the works (all the good stuff). I double checked the menu to make sure I was right. I was, obviously. Chicken sandwich was the name of it. I did not know you could just order a chicken sandwich made to order. You would think you would call the chicken sandwich special something catchy/intriguing, not Chicken Sandwich. I might toss that in the suggestion box. Everything else has a sweet name like the Cowboy Burger or the 677 Prime. All set. No spit added to the sandwich. Phew! Jelly filled shortbread cookies for dessert and a peach tea Snapple.

Picked up my suit on the way home from work. Home to relax and run 8 miles (54:09). Smooth run. Back with some energy and the motivation to make a real dinner. Porkchop with pasta and onions. Mmm.

Bed by 10:30pm.

December 4th: 6:30am wakeup. I had a couple packets of instant oatmeal. Work 7:30am-4pm. Home to relax and begin the packing process slowly. Booking a taxi was the most important thing since I had a 5:30am flight the next morning. I did my classic strategy with anything new and called a bunch of places. Judged each place on their customer service and price as well. Went with cheapest one and booked it for 3:30am. Off for a 6 mile run (40:20) with a progression towards the end. Back to shower and stretch.

I had a whole bunch of clothes lying all over the floor in my room and it was a bit overwhelming at first. I blasted the Dubstep station on Pandora and started the stopwatch on my phone. Started on one side of the room and ended on the other side. Took a break to make myself an omelette with onions in it. It was delicious. Back to my room to finish up packing my luggage for San Francisco. Completed packing by 11pm. Bed by 12pm.

3 hours sleep. No big deal. Ready to tackle the travel day to Cali.

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