New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rest Of The Weekend

November 23rd: Woke up pretty well rested around 8am. Out for a run with Sarah, Bob, and Tucker before brunch. Back for delicious food (quiche). Hung out for a bit before heading into town for Wreck It Ralph. Stopped off at Shop Rite for a candy run. I decided to grab one individual candy for myself instead of risking eating all the candy that is available. I went with root beer barrels. A Redbull to wash em down. A Gatorade to pound before I even walked into the theatre because I was dying of thirst.

Personally, I loved the movie. A bunch of one liners and being a child that grew up with video games, it had some great references. Back to my Aunt's for turkey sandwiches. Toasted bun, turkey doused with gravy, a scoop of mashed potatoes, and mayo for the glue. 3 down. Mmm.

Home to relax and watch Trains, Planes, and Automobiles (for the first time). Hilarious. Jane visited and watched it with us.

Bed at a decent hour. 5 miles on the day.

November 24th: 9am wakeup. German pancakes for breakfast. Bacon. My dad and I hit up the Town Fair Tire to purchase some new treads for the Subie. Once we figured it out, we headed out to the place where he bought his suit so the guy could get a measuremnt on his dress pants. Stopped off at a couple TJ Maxx's to find the right luggage for my trip to Cali. The first one had a fairly decent selection, but not enough color range. Being the same person, we did not impulse buy and found another TJ Maxx. A much wider selection with a bunch of colors. We pulled all the Samsonite luggage off the shelves to make the ultimate decision. I narrowed down that I wanted the ones with 360 degree mobility. Next, I eliminated the colors I did not care for. I test drove about 6 of them before making up my mind on a medium sized (red) and carryon (black). Back to pick up my car and what a smooth ride home on the highway. As Goupil put it, it's like throwing on a new pair of trainers for a run. Totally is.

Home to relax, run 5 miles (36:42) and head off to Kimber's house. Pasta and meatballs for dinner at Kimber's residence. Hung out for the rest of the night and bed at a decent hour.

November 25th: 8:30am wakeup. An omelette for breakfast. Chilled out before making a trip to a Christmas tree farm with Kimber, Mrs. Stannard, and Brookie.

Headed back to Newtown to met up with my buddy Ben Wicki at Starbucks. Ordered an everything bagel with cream cheese at the shop next door before making my way over to Starbucks. Strawberry smoothie and caught up on things.

Home to just chill out the rest of the night. Stayed at my parents for the night and planned to leave early in the morning for work the next day. Day off from running because my legs needed it and my throat was a little scratchy.

My high school reunion was on Friday, but I didn't feel like going.

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