New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, August 24, 2013

World Culture

August 16th (Friday): 6am wakeup. 3 miles (20:57) on my own at 6:30am. Protein shake for breakfast.

Busy day at work with tying up all the loose ends and making sure there is proper coverage while I go on vacation to Stowe, VT. Chicken, spinach and avocado mini wraps for lunch. Conversed with a guy from Singapore. He let me know that people (I think locally in the area of NY) are gracious when you drive. People wave you through and let you go while in traffic. In addition, complete strangers acknowledge each other in a passing by with a greeting or at least eye contact an a head nod. He said that doesn't fly in places like China. If you are friendly to someone you don't know, they are expecting you to want something from them or steal something from you. Hmm. Always eye opening to interact with people at work.

Home by 5:30pm to just relax and watch some television (after so many weeks of cable problems and crappy service). Sat on the couch for a few hours before trudging out for 9++ (64:55) at 9pm. Breezy and soothing run in the back neighborhoods.

Home to have a protein shake and a bowl of Autumn Harvest. Bed at decent hour.

Free sheets arrived this past week (with my purchase of my mattress)

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