New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weekend (Clay Pigeons, Sushi, and Pizza)

August 10th (Saturday): 7:30am wakeup. Over to SPAC for a easy run on my own. 7.5+ miles (56:53) through some trails and paved paths. Back to Ballston Lake to shower and get ready to head down to southern NY for some trap shooting via the sporting clay course. Met up with my dad and my uncle David. Stopped at the local grocery store because I was starving. 8 rolls, a pound of Boar's Head ham, and a thing of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. Two hefty sandwiches before we starting shooting. One in the parking lot of the grocery store and one in the parking lot of the shooting grounds.


 Safety is no accident.

100 rounds on a beautiful day and shot pretty decent. 43 which is good for only shooting about once a year or less. Lots of fun. Down to CT to stop off at the Caraluzzi's for sushi and drinks.

With a side of seaweed salad.

August 11th (Sunday): Slept in like a champ until 9:30am. Some breakfast. Bowl of cereal and snacks. Changed up for a run eventually and ate some eggplant casserole for more fuel. Mapped out a 15+ mile run. Out the door by 2:30pm.

15+ (1:42:39) on my own on a beautiful breezy day. Back to stretch, foam roll and grab some food. Outdoor shower and over to a family friend's house before hitting the road at 8:30pm. 83 miles on the week with a couple of solid workouts and a relaxing long run.

Smooth ride and stopped at Hannaford's for some frozen Kashi pizza. Heated up in the oven and destroyed it with some bleu cheese dressing. Bed by 11:30pm.


Sliced into 4 convenient pieces.

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