New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trapp Family Lodge (Stowe Part 1)

August 17th (Saturday): 7 miles (46:47) first thing in the morning. Back to have a protein shake, pack up some food and all my clothes before hitting the road to Stowe, VT. Met up with my parents at Quechee Gorge for lunch. Ordered the Glorious Rachel with French fries. Hit the spot.

Vermont is always so breathtaking.

Arrived in Stowe around 4pm. Checked in to the place. My dad and I changed up for an easy 5 miles (44:15) in the back trails of Trapp Family. Lounge for dinner. Wienerschnitzel. Black Forest Cake for dessert. Ate like a king. Everything was so good.

Back to crash on the couch. Bob arrived around 11pm. Grabbed him from the parking lot and back on the couch to pass out until about 1am. Zombie walked to the bedroom to make sure I got a decent night sleep.

August 18th (Sunday): Woke up at some point and changed up for a "tempo" 15 miles. Found a secluded road on Explored the route and it ended up being some Vermont State Forest that was a dirt access road. Siiick. 50+ minutes out and back quicker. 15 miles (1:35:20). Strugglefest on the last couple miles (due to the uphill battle for about 1.5 miles). Oh well. Work was done.

Back to stretch, foam roll and shower up for breakfast. Gables Inn for the special. Once done, we met up with Sarah at the Farmer's Market and went hard. Almond honey, Hot Mamas, local bacon from The Frozen Butcher, blueberries, and some other goods.

The rest of the day was relaxing. Outdoor pool, indoor pool, sauna, hot tub, late night walk over to watch the sunset. BLTs for dinner. Bed at a decent hour.

87 miles for the week. 2 solid workouts and 1 solid long run.

Pictures speak for themselves.

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