New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 2 of MT

Made it home all the way from Rhode Island.

Old VHS holder converted into a shoe rack. Flashy!

August 5th (Monday): Protein shake for breakfast. Normal day at work. Cucumber salad and some snacks for lunch. 10 miles easy (69:35) after work at 7:15pm. Nachos for dinner.


August 6th (Tuesday): 3 miles (NT) at 6:20am. Shake for breakfast. MOAB (mother of all burritos) for lunch. New employee for Colden started up at GLOBALFOUNDRIES today. Home to have a Clif Bar and get out for a run at 7:30pm.

Stopped at Target right after work to pick up a few things:

A small shelf for toiletries. 

Hooks for my towels to dry.

10 miles with 3 sets of 30, 60, 90 in the middle. 10.2 mile loop mapped out. 3 mile warmup (17:27). Started at the 3 mile mark and cruised a 5k in 16:30 through covering my 3 sets. Trotted off a 7ish minute mile from 6+ to 7 miles. Closed it up for home the last few miles for a 55:56 10 mile workout. Felt wicked smooth and happy with my specific work in the middle and the distance I covered.

Cooked up some chicken and made some wraps to eat for dinner (and lunch the next day).

August 7th (Wednesday): 6am wakeup. 3 miles (21:07). Shake for breakfast. Teaching NCO first thing in the morning. CEO of GLOBALFOUNDRIES walked around site so we were out in the field for most of the morning. Confined space inventory with a co-worker in the afternoon.

GNC after work to purchase 10 pounds of whey protein. Saved over 50 bucks with the Buy 1, Get 50% Off deal plus the Goldcard! Home to run 7.5 miles (53:52) with Derrick at 5:30pm. Home to stretch, foam roll and chill out.

Healthy mix of orzo pasta, broccoli, beans, onions, and garlic.

August 8th (Thursday): 3+ miles (22:55) with Derrick in the morning at 6:15am. Protein shake. Leftovers for lunch. Clif Bar for a snack once I got home. Passed out on the couch hardcore for an hour because I couldn't even keep my eyes open.

Over to the Burnt Hills track with Goup for a tough (classic Keene) workout. 6 x 800/400 alternating with half rest. 800 interval, 400 rest, 400 interval, 200 rest, back into another 800 interval. The toughest part (obviously) is the 800 after 200 rest. Made it happen even in the humid weather.

2:25, 72, 2:23, 70, 2:23, 70, 2:23, 70, 2:23, 68, 2:22, 65. 37:13 for total time (5:31 pace). 2 mile warmup (13:16 + strides) and 2 mile (15:02) cooldown. 14 miles on the day.

August 9th (Friday): 5 miles (36:35) in the morning. 5 miles (33:31) right after work. Easy Friday. Down to Saratoga for going away outing for a co-worker. Crashed on my buddy's couch and anticipated a night over so I brought running clothes for a Saturday morning run at Saratoga State Park.