New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Parents Weekend

July 27th (Saturday): 7am wakeup. Breakfast and finished cleaning up the house. Parents arrived around 9:30am. Out for lots of garage sales in the area and some general shopping in Clifton Park. I had to teach my parents the rules of "tagsaling". Not too much chatter, don't show interest in anything publicly, always bargain, and if we pass a garage sale in the car, we cannot turn around for it. We ended up staying at one house for over 45 minutes (mostly conversation). Hmm. That's alright.

Eggs with mushrooms and onions. Wore sunglasses due to the sun (and no shades).

Over to Home Depot to purchase blinds for my room. Block out some of the sunlight in the morning. Finally home by 7ish. Late night run with my Mom and Dad at 8:15pm. 4 miles. Felt good to trot it out. Did lots of stretching and foam rolling before/after the run. Back to chill, snack on some food and watch television.

Long day, but a productive and successful day. Let the parents take the new bed while I slept on the air mattress. Ended the day with a quality strainer for 2 bucks that I can strain my orzo pasta with now.

July 28th (Sunday): Slept in. My mom and I headed down to the new bakery (Leah's Bakery) in Ballston Lake (Round Lake Village) and grabbed some pastries for breakfast. Cinnamon buns and a strawberry/cream cheese pastry.

 Bomb diggity.

The day was spent putting up the blinds and relaxing. My mom went out to buy blinds for the living along with a bunch of house warming gifts :) 9 blinds put up with ease (for the most part). The room and house is getting there. Settling in well.

Blinds and set the bed in the middle of the wall.  Tapestry up. Dresser from CT.

My mom bought me an ironing board & iron, a sponge holder for the kitchen sink, a new strainer drain thing for the kitchen sink, and a couple chairs for the porch to relax on after a run. Sweetness!

Relaxed for a bit once my parents headed out around 5:30ish. Always a great time hanging out with them. Destroyed the last of the Tasty Cakes so I can start clean eating tomorrow. Out for a longer run at 7:45pm. Just shy of 9.5 miles (62:32) and legs felt solid.

Marathon specific training officially starts tomorrow and I am feeling good. Excited to hammer some serious mileage. After a grueling New England Mountain series completion and being classified as a mountain goat (finished all 6 races), I am looking for the toughness to transfer over to the roads.


  1. I thought I was behind in my blogging. You gotta catch up bro! Yesterday's news is old news!

  2. Ps. Nice work on the mountain goat status. You had a great mountain series. It will pay off for you. What marathon are you gearing up for? Hartford? I told the r.d. of Pisgah that you could smoke my course record now that you've got some trail/mountain experience.

    1. I am catching up slowly. Thanks man! It was a fun series. 10 weeks of marathon specific training for Hartford! Haha, I think I might have a stab at it, but running a local half the same weekend so maybe next year.

      Alumni sweep?!