New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Run 4 Kerri Weekend

August 3rd (Saturday): Easy 5 miles (44:58) with Sarah in the morning hours. A couple garage sales. Cleaned up on the only 2 we stopped at right down the road. Cider Mill and OMG antiques for some searching of nicknacks. Late lunch at Rye & Thyme. Split a sandwich and salad with Bob. Yeah, we close like that.

Breakfast with my Dad via FaceTime.

Downloaded a new app called The Vine and sat on there for a few hours. Never made it out for a 2nd run. Oops. Homemade pasta and sauce for dinner with Bob and Sarah. Bed by 11ish.

August 4th (Sunday): 5:50am wakeup. Some oat bran for breakfast. Made the drive down to Wakefield, RI. Arrived by 7:30ish. Inside to pick up my number and relax in the elite suite in the school. 3 mile warmup (21 + strides). 9am start. Lots of competition so I knew it was gonna be a fast start. Kept within my means and ran a tough race. 5:00 (shock to the system and felt wayyy faster), 5:10 (hurt, but okay), 5:11 (pushed this mile and not much came of it), 5:04 (strong finish with some downhill). Finished 6th overall in 20:25 and grabbed some money. Sweet. A couple boxes of  "The Switch." A sparkling juice drink. 5 mile cooldown (35:32). Over to the race director's house, Scott Bessette. Pizza, burgers and hotdogs. Hung out for a bit before making the trip back New York.


Terrible arm swing while sprinting.


Pain face.

Another 5+ miles (38:11) once I arrived back at the house around 8:30pm. Back to stretch, foam roll and make a protein shake. Bed at a decent hour. 70 miles on the week. Happy with my workouts and the debut on the roads after a few months of mountain/trail racing. Staying healthy and enjoying the time out on my legs.

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