New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trapp Family Lodge (Stowe Part 2)

August 19th (Monday): Slept in. Some snacking before hitting the trails at 10am with Sarah, Bob and my mom. 12+ miles (1:46:41). All sorts of running/powerhiking done during this time. Some slower warmup running with everyone. A decent climb up to The Cabin. Powerhiked/ran up to Roundtop Summit with Sarah and Bob. They conquered their first experience with mountain running. Dropped them off and continued on some single track dirt/rock bike path.

Back to stretch, foam roll and eat some pineapple Chobani yogurt with coconut granola and a sliced up banana. Showered up and out for the day for some shopping and whatnot in downtown Stowe.

Photobomb by Bob. Blurry.

 Killed it.

 Shopping. Owls kill things. Peace.

Lots of food was consumed. Lunch at the deli. 1/2 pound of fudge with marshmallows mixed with it. Stopped at the Alchemist Brewery. Ended the day with some brewskis at the Trapp Brewery/Pub. Down to the Pie In The Sky for a few large ones. Pesto, Hawaiian, and a veggie. Destroyed 5 or 6 slices.

Crashed for the night on the pull out couch.

August 20th (Tuesday):  Slept in and tried my workout on this dirt track at the Stowe Middle/High school around 10:30am. I should of gotten out earlier because it was a little toasty out and no shade. Made it 3x1000 (3:06, 3:06, 3:15) and attempted a 400 (81). No dice. 8 miles on the day total and no 2nd run. A mix between the heat, the late nights, the not super great nights of sleep the last couple days. No worries. Reported to Goup and we pushed the Thursday workout to Friday.

Uneven and slow.

A creek soak for 30 minutes with Bob, my mom and Dad. Felt amazing. Sarah headed down to Massachusetts for a 12pm interview so she was MIA for the afternoon. Lunch at The Whip. A burger with lettuce, tomoato and chutney. Just what I needed. Relaxed back at Trapp Family for a short while. Bob set up a tee time for 9 holes of golf at 4pm. Bob made a great suggestion with our skill level and being late in the day to play best ball. Made for a fun round and everyone contributed to our +3 score. Individually, I would of shot +10 to +15 easily. A couple nice tee shots, chips and putts. 

Back to the house to make salad with grilled chicken. Some random stuff to go with it. Nice light dinner to fuel up for the next day. Craving ice cream late night, but everything was closed. Bob and I drove down to the gas station and picked up a bunch of pints of Ben & Jerry's.

 View from the balcony. Can't complain.

August 21st (Wednesday): 11 miles (79:05) on the bike path. Some with Bob and Sarah. Some with just Sarah. And the last few miles by myself. A short creek soak before another killer Gables Inn breakfast. Go big or go home!

Poached egg, pancakes, sausage, and French toast. All to myself. 

Up to Smuggler's notch for a short walk. Car began to smoke because the boot on the CV joint cracked. Leaking all the grease on the exhaust system. Will be getting that fixed very soon.

Back to Trapp to relax by the pool before departing back to NY. Finished off my whole milk Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt (1/2 a pound) with some granola before leaving. We all stopped at Ben & Jerry's for a traditional ice cream. Large sugar cone with Chocolate Therapy. Stuffed and ready for the ride back. Home by 8:45pm to unpack completely (that is a 100% first). Laundry in the hampers and all other clean clothes put away. Bed early.

View along the scenic route from the car.

Always a good time in Vermont with the family. Couldn't ask for better weather and better experiences. Can't wait for the next family gathering.


  1. Holy cow that breakfast looks amazing - clearly I need food! Looks like you had a blast.

    1. Ha! Thanks man! It was an awesome time. Tons and tons of food.