New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rest Of The Work Week

June 5th (Wednesday): I was gonna get in a couple miles in the morning, but I was too tired. Work 7:30am-4pm. My computer access was disabled so I was scrambling the first 1/2 hour at work trying to figure it out. Breezed through the contractor training in just over an hour. Usually it takes 1.5 hours. I forgot what I had for lunch.

Swung up to Saratoga to meet a couple coworkers to go over the respirator training program for Colden. Ended up having a few drinks and made the right decision of crashing at my buddy's house in Saratoga.


June 6th (Thursday): 7am wakeup. Work 8am-4:30pm. Easy day at work. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Drove down to Target to pick up a few things. Checked out the printers and found the one my dad emailed me about a few weeks ago. Sweetness! Home by 5:30ish. Opened up the printer and there was no power cord or the extra ink cartridges. Boo. Clearly a previous return from someone else. There was only one printer left and the box wasn't in pristine condition.

Out for a run at 6:45ish. 10 miles (59:43). 7 mile tempo in the middle on the Zim Smith trail (flat/cinder) in 38:51. Legs were sore, but felt good to get some turnover in them. Forced the soreness out.

With my legs extremely warmed up, I was determined to foam roll the shiznit out of my legs. Felt amazing. Protein shake for dinner and a bowl of cereal. Bed at a decent hour.

June 7th (Friday): Easy day at work. Protein shake and oat bran for breakfast. Huge serving of burrito mix with organic red peppers and pinto beans. The norm, but without the cheese. Bomb-diggity. Stopped in at the Recovery Room with some coworkers for a bunch of waters. Ended up eating some food (wings, nachos, and chicken tenders) and hanging out until about 8:15pm. Fun time and relaxing. Back to the house to get out for a easy 8+ mile (58:06) at 9pm. Burping it up all run. Tums before and after the run to calm the stomach.

Protein shake after the run. Chilled and slept on the couch.

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