New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pub Recovery

June 16th (Sunday): 7:30am wakeup. Najem called to grab breakfast. Stopped in at The Pub for the classic 3 early riser breakfasts.

1st plate: 2 eggs any style (overeasy), homefries, 2 pieces of white toast.
2nd plate: 2 pieces of french toast.
3rd plate: 1 pancake.

Butter on both. Real maple syrup for extra cost. Chocolate milk. $7.54 + tip. Boom. Starving and housed everything down easily.


Chilled and over to Fowler for an easy 5+ miles (38:25) around the neighborhoods. Over to Big W's (Wilson Perez's house) to see WP3 (Wilson Perez the 3rd, 1.5 year old cutie). He had just went down for a nap (fell asleep right before we arrived) so we waited it out for a couple hours. Salsa and chips. Played with him for a while before heading back to Fowler.

 Little bugger!

Played some catch with the baseball in the road with Thomas. On the road by 6pm. Home by 8pm. Dinner consisted of the Redbull, Chex Mix, Fig Newtons, and a water I bought at the gas station in Keene before I left. Bed at a decent hour.

Solid 61 miles for the week. 3 weeks until Loon. A recovery week and a couple hard higher mileage weeks.

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