New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mount Washington Travel Day

June 14th (Friday): 8:30am wakeup. Double serving of oat bran and a protein shake for breakfast. Cleaned up, loaded the dishwasher, grabbed my laundry from the dryer (did my best to fold it while I was packing for the weekend). Triple checked that I had all my necessary items (flats, trainers, sunblock, warm clothes for the summit). Prepared some snacks and filled up all 3 of my Nalgene bottles with Gatorade. On the road by 12:15pm to Ferenc's in VT. Smooth ride with no problems. Always an enjoyable/scenic ride from NY to VT.


Route 121. 10 miles of windy dirt road. 

At the house by 2:15pm to see Ellie and Lena (dogs). Ferenc told me not to let the girls or they will run away since he wasn't there (and he wouldn't give me a ride). They were begging to get out the door while I was foam rolling so I had to stay outside. It was too difficult to sit on the couch and have them to whimpering at the door. I chilled on the swinging bench on the porch. Read an interesting article (on longetivity of humans and the related factors) in National Geographic while I ate my chicken/ranch wrap. The girls eventually quieted down. Ferenc home at 3:15pm. Waited for Boj and Najem to arrive so we could all carpool in the Toyota Tacoma.

The infamous porch. Bike City.

Planning ahead.

On the road by 4:30ish. Some ridiculous music and good conversation. Made it to the base of the auto road by 7:15pm. Picked up our numbers and changed up for a short run in the trails at the base. Met my parents and handed them a bag for the summit (they are the best). 3 miles (21:02). Over to the Swiss Chalet in Intervale to foam roll and shower. 

Admiring from a distance.

View just to the right of Mount Washington.

Chillin to the max.

Down to the local pizza place for dinner. Sicilian style chicken and spinach pizza (executive decision by Najem and a solid call on his part). 4 slices destroyed. Dr. Pepper to wash it all down. 


Back to the hotel by 10ish to get ready for bed and crash by 11pm or so. Repacked my bags, organized my gear for the morning and made a final bathroom break before bed.


  1. The suspense is killing me...when is the race write-up coming?

    This is quite the build-up!

    Great job Saturday, congrats on top ten at Mt. Washington!

  2. Haha! It is officially up. Thanks man! I am jealous of your double. Awesome job at Hollis. I know you wanted to break 14:50, but coming back at Mt. Washington like that was amazing! You should maybe look into Loon. It's in 3 weeks.