New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day of Smiles

June 26th (Wednesday): 6:20am wakeup. Out for the normal 3 mile (20:39) loop. Passed by a walker and exchanged greetings with a "Good morning!" Right after that interaction, there was a guy about to enter his car to go to work. I thought maybe it was too early or too ambitious to say good morning to him (so I didn't). I already passed his driveway and I hear "Good morning!" I reciprocate the gesture and continue on my way. I am about to take a left turn onto Walden Road and the guy was turning left in his car at the same. I got a friendly beep and a wave. Cool. When these type of things happen, it allows me to keep the faith that the world will be okay and there are still genuinely nice people out there.

Work 7:30am-4pm. Protein shake for breakfast. Burrito mix for lunch. A snack when I got home and Goup headed out around 5:30pm for the night. I ended up falling asleep soon after he left on the couch for a couple hours. Woke up at 8:15pm to a well rested body and ready for a late night run. All said and done, I was out the door by 9pm for 9 miles (63:08). Sporting the reflector vest and a big ole face of excitement. Lost my bearings in the back neighborhoods as I was exploring, but made it back safely. With a 1/2 mile to go, I usually pass by a huge grass field. This time (being 10pm) it was filled with lightning bugs (fireflies) and it reminded me of vacation for some reason. A comforting feeling and put me in extra good spirits.


Back to stretch, foam roll, and make a protein shake. Bowl of cereal for dinner and bed at a decent hour.

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