New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, June 17, 2013

Rancid Gas

June 12th (Wednesday): 3+ miles (22:31) on a modified morning route. Road work starting at 7am. Protein shake for breakfast. Burrito mix and Clif Bar for lunch. Normal day at work. Busy.

Home by 4:30pm to clean up the apartment (futon down in the basement, dishes, repositioned the couch to be more center with the television, and some other odds and ends). The house needed a solid cleaning on the first floor.

Injinji toe socks. Wicked comfortable.

Out for a run at 7pm. 10+ miles (66:53) on my own. Out and back route. Explored a mile of a old railroad bed that is dirt and grass now. Next time I will park at the start of the trail instead of running the 4 miles there. Definitely worth exploring. Burrito omelet for dinner. Leftover chicken and sautéed mushrooms in the omelet. Graham cracker ice cream sandwiches were made and destroyed.

Ate at the dining room table.

 Non-GMO. USDA Organic.

 The best.


June 13th (Thursday): 6:30am wakeup. 3 miles (21:05) on my own. Another modified loop due to construction. Oat bran and protein shake for breakfast. Fruit, burrito mix and Clif Bar for lunch.

Home by 4:45pm. Continued cleaning mode for a couple hours before getting out the door for an easy 5 miles (35:27) around 8pm. FaceTimed with Erin and Dominic to see how they were feeling on their marathon endeavors for the weekend. Updated the blog and just chilled for the rest of the night. Bowl of vanilla ice cream with pure New Hampshire maple syrup. Used graham crackers as a dipper/supplement. Late night snack that hit the spot. The burrito mix for the past two days has given me some terrible gas as a side note. Laying off of it on Friday for Mount Washington.

Leftovers with ketchup and Sweet Baby Ray's.


  1. I would like to personally thank you for laying off the burrito mix for Mt. Washington.

  2. Haha, no problem Kevin. Just trying to be courtesy to the rest of the racers!