New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Post Mount Washington Week

June 17th (Monday): Protein shake for breakfast. Burrito mix (leftovers from last week) for lunch. Normal day at work. Hit up the grocery store with Goup for a couple more things. Goup helped me out by driving down to Schenectady to R&J Auto so I could drop off my car (pinhole in the muffler turned into a decent one on the ride home yesterday from Keene over route 7 and the check engine light was on from about 6 months ago). Renaldo took care of me last time so I couldn't be steered wrong this time either (no pun intended).

Run at 7:30pm. 5 miles (35:18) with Goup. Easy run and wrap full of spinach/chicken. Bed at a decent hour.
Mouthful of spinach.

June 18th (Tuesday): Double day of running and lots of healthy eating. 3 miles (20:43) on my own in the morning. Oat bran and a protein shake for breakfast.

Work 8am-6pm. Stuck in training on a new tool that is coming in and its wicked intense/complicated. Productive though and will help in the long run. Spinach/chicken wrap with French dressing (I forgot I mixed it up this time and put different dressing in it, it was a pleasant surprise). Home to have a Clif Bar and some honey for a snack.

Out for a 2nd run. 5 miles (34:16) at 7:30pm. Baked up a sweet potato for dinner. Added butter, cinnamon and maple syrup. Mmm. Protein shake for a drink.

Uhhh! So good.

June 19th (Wednesday): No morning run. Training in the morning for the tool. Again, it was very beneficial once it comes the time to sign-off on it at the end of the year. Protein shake and oat bran for breakfast. Free pizza for lunch. Housed 5 pieces of BBQ chicken.

Down to Schnectady to pick up the ride. $180 bucks. Sweet deal. Check engine light off (loose ignition coil) and muffler patched up. Eventually got out for a run in the evening. 10.2 miles (63:57). Sweetness. 6:16 pace. Rocked it and the legs felt good. Fatigued still, but cruised the run. No workouts scheduled this week so that what happens. I get antsy, but it was a smooth run overall.

Witnessed this trike on the road back from the shop.

June 20th (Thursday): Protein shake for breakfast. Sweet Baby Ray's Spinach/Chicken/Avocado wrap for lunch. Stopped in at The Mill after work with some co-workers. Water and sweet potato fries as a snack. Home by 6:30pm. 10 miles (69:25) at 7:30pm with Goup.

Protein shake with a scoop of ice cream and some maple syrup? Aww yeah. So delicious. Plain tortilla and FaceTimed with my sister Erin. Bed at a decent hour. Not much food left and I need to grocery store.

June 21st (Friday): Normal day at work. Oat bran and a protein shake for breakfast. Work. Mixed it up (aka no chicken left) and made a pinto bean, spinach and avocado wrap for lunch. Stopped in at the grocery store after work for some serious shopping. Grabbed it all. Bananas, veggies, yogurt, organic soymilk, Newman-O's (healthy Oreo substitute), orange juice, meats (chicken and turkey), wraps, and other essentials.

Still just as dangerous as Oreos, but don't feel as bad.

Ended up taking a day off from running. Unscheduled, but the body/mind was exhausted from last weekend and the long weekend of work. It's all good. Bed whenever since it's the weekend. Planning on hitting up a couple dealership for preliminary searching of my next vehicle.

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