New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week so far

June 27: Woke up at the campsite around 6:15am and finished up some odds and ends before heading down to the parking lot at about 11. Drove into Lincoln and stopped to check out some employment opportunities, then I realized I reek. So I didn't. Got a call from Tim and he told me all about Mt Cranmore. Sounded friggin awesome. We caught up on some other things. As soon as I started my car in the parking lot, it was even louder than it was before the weekend started. Called up the pops and asked what I should do. Headed to an auto service place and got it fixed. It was a part of the exhaust system after the first catalytic converter and before the second one. It had rotted away and a spring was missing. The guy said that is the reason your car sounds like ahoy rod. I figured that much, but we did the quick fix that costs about 100 bucks instead of the much needed replacement of a catalytic converter that my dad says got estimated at about 1100 bucks. Waiting, or should I say not doing, that option for awhile. Today was my scheduled day off and it felt amazing. Relaxed after sitting in the auto service place for about 2 hours. That's pretty much what happened for the day.

June 28: Woke up around 8 to get in a morning run. It was fairly cool out and the run was relaxing. Outside of my shins weren't on fire like last Tuesday, which was a plus. Headed to Plymouth State's campus TP use the wifi and make some phone calls. My mom had some contact of possible job opportunities so I was all for it. I emailed the horticulturist of PSU and emailed mail me back soon after with a potential opening for the month of July. I FaceTimed with Jared for a while to catch up each other's lives and what not. Headed back to the bunkhouse and got ready for my second run. Went just as well. Finished up with some strides on the football field. I was planning on having macaroni and cheese for dinner, but the pot I was gonna use was full of rust. Tried washing it, but wasn't worth it. There were microwavable directions and the bowl read "Not recommended for microwave use." I interpreted as maybe this one time it will be okay for me. I had to put the noodles and 2 cups of water in for 8-10 and stir every 3. I checked at 2 minutes and it was doing well.  Bowl was mad hot and I spilled some of the water all in the microwave. Soaked it up with my shower towel and checked it in another 3 minutes or so. This time I was smart and grabbed it with a dish towel. The noodles looked like they had plastic residue on them or something. I played it safe and threw out the bowl with the noodles. Being frustrated with the mishap, I made my way downtown to pick up some Subway and wait to Skype with Kimber. I got to my usual spot outside the laundry mat on the picnic table. After that, I headed home to get a goodnight sleep for my long run the next day.

Summary: 7.5 miles in the am (52:25) Solid run. Hit the last mile (all uphill in 6:53) and that's my goal is to always go sub 7 on that last mile no matter how I am feeling on the run. 9+ (66:00, maybe 9.5) Another solid run, wore the Triax Structures for both runs and they felt perfect. I'll call it 17 for the day. 8x100 meter strides.

June 29: Woke up at 8 and made myself a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter. Tossed a few peanut M&Ms for a little sugar and pounded some Gatorade and water. I was out the door by 9am on a mission for a 2 hour run. I did just that 2:08. Unfortunately, my course that I mapped out changed drastically at about 6 miles when the road I was supposed to come out to was something completely different. I even checked the map after my run and the road was supposed to be E Rumney Road, instead was Beech Hill Rd (which is very similar to the one in Keene). I had been running on Beech Hill earlier in the run so I decided to make my way up the hill hoping it would loop around and I could add on somewhere else. Instead, it stayed as a dirt road for about 45 minutes and did not come out to a main road until about 1:33. I basically didn't know where I was or where I was going to end up for about 10 miles. It just so happens that I made my way to the road across from the US Forest Headquarters and was roughly 3-4 miles from my house. Thank the Lord! I was planning on stopping wherever I was at about 2 hours and 20 minutes and hitchhike back to Plymouth. Or I was afraid my marathon long run of 20+ miles was gonna happen today, just a little early by a few months. Didn't have to and made it back safely. Killed the rest of my Gatorade, made up a protein shake and destroyed a balance bar. Showered up and headed downtown eventually after a bowl of mini scoopers. Rest of the day is dedicated to some light job hunting and maybe going to see Transformers 3 tonight.

Summary: I was able to map out the run and I think the road was miss marked. It ended up being 18.5 (2:08). All alone and no water and fuel along the way. Makes me tougher, a little wiser for next time and done running for the day. The best thing about long runs, run once and you are done.

June 30: Ran twice today. Both easy runs. 3.5 miles in the morning and 7.5 miles in the afternoon with 6x100 meter strides at the football field. Headed downtown for a while and hit the PSU library to relax. Got ready for the big weekend at the campsite. 

Summary: John said it was gonna be a busy weekend so I was pretty excited to meet lots of people. 11 for the day. Relaxed weekend before the race.

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