New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, June 23, 2011

First full weekend :)

June 22: I planned on running twice today, instead I slept in and ran once. Spent three hours downtown using the free wifi at Cicero's cafe. I saw my boss John walking his kids and enjoying the weather before the rain set in. This was the second time I saw him and I was in the same spot as last time. This time he had his daughter Lydia and his son Gradie (I believe that is his son's name). I headed back to the bunkhouse, where I decided to explore some other options for jobs such as the White Mountain Country Club and other golf clubs. They weren't hiring, but were more than welcome to have me fill out an application. After all this, I ended going to Burger King and asking for an application. The girl gave me a card and said I can apply online. So I did. I wasn't too proud for applying to fast food restaurant, but there was a job opening at the Plymouth restaurant as a "team member." One of the questions "Do you speak English?" and another one was "Can you read and write English?" I felt more qualified for other jobs, but I can't complain. It's a job opening. I was hoping to find a job at a restaurant so I could get free meals, but not at Burger King. My running and health would go down the drain. I mean, some people say that if the engine is running, it will burn anything. I don't think that includes fast food. 

As for my run, I decided to run for at least 80 minutes and did just that will a 1:26:44 through the rain. The run included some exploring of the Plymouth Mountain trail for about a half mile (got a little iffy on the footing so I turned around), a grass field loop across from this beautiful farmhouse, a stroll down a dead end road, and 8x100 meter strides on the Plymouth State University football field. I read a sign that said "Keep off the football field," but I felt like that didn't include me for some reason. Oh, I did get a guy to yell from his Jeep, "Nice shorts!" It took a second to register his my head and I replied with absolutely nothing. As I continued running, I realized that was probably the best choice. I could have come back with a couple of different things. Most I won't mention. One response could of been "Thanks for checking me out!" I was about 3 miles or so from my house on a backroad, where he could of easily stopped and beaten me up or stashed the body in the woods. I don't think that would of happened, but you never know. Since I am a foreigner to the area, I have learned to keep to myself for the most part. Hopefully if I land a job, I can meet some new people that will not be screaming out of their cars while I run.

Food: mini scoopers, peanut butter jelly sandwich (yes all three), chicken AND beef combined fajitas with green peppers and cheddar cheese, some pretzels with nutella for dessert

June 23: I forced myself out of bed at 8:15 so I could get in a double run. I feel like I should take advantage on my days off to double up to avoid the extra long runs. After my run, I was greeted with a bunch of US Forest Service trucks in my driveway and somebody chainsawing the large evergreen bush in the front yard. I waved to everybody and headed inside to stretch and eat breakfast. It would of felt weird to stay indoors so I changed up into my uniform and volunteered to help. We lugged all of the branches from the bush to the backyard. They were pretty much done by the time I got out there, but they appreciated the effort and I got to break in the full uniform. Felt pretty comfortable, no complaints. The only thing is that I have the light green pants while the rest have the newer dark green pants. John is ordering me a pair of the dark ones because the ones I have now make me stick out like a sore thumb. I am glad because they are bit bell-bottomish along with a fairly snug fit on the waist. Not too tight, but they are probably the one pair of pants that actually fit me correctly and it is not too easy on the eyes. Again, I headed downtown for another multi-hour iPad session at Cicerio's. This time it started to rain kinda hard so I wanted for it to let up. I stopped by the college library to warm up and use the wifi to update my blog. 

I got in 6.5+ miles at an easy and comfortable pace this morning. Just went out and back along Reservoir Rd about a minute down the road from the bunkhouse. I broke in the new "old" shoes. I have been wearing the Nike lunar series for the past year (7 or 8 trainers) and switched to the Nike Triax Structure 13's. I was afraid my legs weren't gonna be used to the old school style sole, but they felt great. I am planning on going for another hour this evening and eating leftovers for dinner. Second weekend (and the full Friday to Monday) at the campsite. Its gonna be a blast. Hoping for some nice weather and some good runs. Until next week!

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