New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another day in Plymouth

June 15: 11.5 miles (need to map again, 78:10) Found my original run that I wanted to do yesterday. I am so glad I made the effort to figure it out. It was beautiful. Half the time it was on dirt road or actual trail. The thing is that part of Chaisson road is not maintained for public travel. In other words, it's a trail. There are a couple blowdowns and a decent jump over a stream that I misjudged, but made it. This run is even more lined with ferns and woods, which is a definite positive. A little hot, but it was manageable. I need to grab Gatorade mix from Walmart so I can hydrate better. 

A couple bumps along the day today. So I found this key that locks two of the bedrooms in the house. I had tested it out and everything. I thought I would try it out before I headed downtown to inquire about possible job opportunities. For some reason, the key turns the knob only when the door is unlocked and not functional when the door is locked. Long story short, it allowed me to figure out how to break into my house. Similar to Fowler, there were holes in one of the screens and I was able to climb in through the window. Unfortunately, the window is facing the main road and it probably looked a little sketchy for passing cars. I did my best to do it when the road was empty. As I was applying for jobs, I noticed some deals at the Lucky Dog Tavern and Grill. So after I was done submitting applications, I decided to hit up the bar scene to grab some wings (50 cents) and $2 Rolling Rock pints. Instead, it was mad crowded and I went home after not being able to find a seat. I got to make the second best thing. Belgian waffles with a side of water. As I was making my waffles, I had the pleasure of knocking over the batter all over the counter and have it run down the cabinets. I didn't lose it all, but it was enough to say some inappropriate words.

Oh and a girl stopped by looking for an Amanda and I was very confused. She said she must of been at another housing place. It was weird, but no biggie. I think she was a little embarrassed. 

Food: bowl of frosted fruit, peanut butter and nutella sandwich, banana, protein shake, Belgian waffles. 

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