New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cleaning frenzy

June 16: the newly explored 8 mile loop turned into a wonderful 10 mile run. Never expect to go the exact distance you mapped out in a new area, you are bound to get miss a turn. Again, I mapped out a random run on while I was in Keene. It turned out to be a great run. 3 dogs, 2 trailheads, 1 outlook to the mountains, and 71 minutes later, I was in heaven. Part of the run was on a dirt road that climbed for about 3 miles. At about 3 miles into the run, there was this lookout point on this person's property of the mountains in the distance. Couldn't ask for a better area to run other than the White Mountains. 

Along with not shaving my face or cutting my hair for the summer, I am going to attempt to not wash my hair for an extended period or time. My goal is 4th of July right now. I can rinse it, but not use any soap. I can now style it with the amount of grease in it. Just trying to be a mountain man I guess. And save on money.

Didn't sleep that well, but I am getting used to being in a house completely by myself. Woke up with a mission after breakfast in being organized in the house such as the dishes and kitchen area. Went downtown to hand in some more applications and use the wifi at the laundry mat that I applied to as well. While I was out, I made a 2nd attempt at Walmart to finish up my grocery shopping from the other day. It was a success. I also grabbed some Comet and a scrubbing brush to clean out the sinks and shower. I am lucky to have grown up in such a clean house and be able to carry it over to my living situations. Saw my boss downtown. He was biking around with his kid on the little seat attached to the back. It was pretty cute. At the end of the night after successfully eating ravioli from a can with the subpar can opener, I took stroll down the road to see if there were any unsecure Internet signals. Found a bunch and one was right across the street. Ca-ching!

Food: Bowl of frosted fruit, peanut butter and nutella sandwich, Gatorade, protein shake, ravioli from a can. Picture on my Facebook.

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