New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, June 12, 2011

First week using the blog

June 6: 7 miles (a couple hard mile+ efforts on a hilly grass loop with a half mile jog in between each back in Newtown) 8 in the evening with my buddy Pat through FF Hills

June 7: 7.5 (4 ez with my dad, another 3.5 on my own at a quicker pace)

June 8: 10 (hilly run through town, finished up castle hill)

June 9: 10 (down to the river for a dip at 5 miles, 5 miles back mostly uphill, just missed getting caught in a thunderstorm)

June 10: day off because I knew I was going long on Sunday (arrived in Keene)

June 11: 11 (with Tim and Thomas to Stonewall farm)

June 12: 18 (ran @Georges with Tim, Hammett, And Fyffe through the infamous trails. Second run out here and it was even better than last time. Best run of my life so far. Cruised the last 1/2 mile with Fyffe and Hammet for fun)

Total: 72 miles. Good week. Volunteer internship starts this Tuesday up in the White Mountains (Lincoln, NH). I'm going to be the caretaker for Franconia East Brook Campsite Friday to Monday over the summer months. Let me know if you wanna visit or you are in the area and we can get in a run. On my off days, I will be chillin in Plymouth, NH, most likely working at a restaurant of some sort. My goal is to get at least 70 miles a week minimum. I am excited to literally be training in the mountains. This blog is dedicated to both my running and my volunteer experience for my family and friends to follow along.

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