New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Officially started my internship

June 14: 12 miles (1:24:xx) first run in the Lincoln area. I had a route mapped out for about 11.5, but ended up not finding one of the roads I was supposed to turn onto at about 4 miles. I ended up making up a 7 mile loop and then went out another 2.5 and came back. Last mile, all uphill 6:30. It was a very scenic run and a nice change of pace. For some part of it, it was lined with ferns and woods. Perfect for a bathroom break if needed.

The other parts of the day went pretty smoothly. I had my CPR/AED class at 9:30 and it ended at about 3. Went by quickly and the other members in the class were all some type of employee at the forest headquarters so that was comforting. After that, I headed to my free housing in Plymouth, NH. I am only .7 miles away from the downtown area. I moved all my stuff in and decided I should pick up a few things at Walmart like milk, eggs, and butter. I got to the register with 38 dollars of groceries in my cart. I swiped my card and put in my pin. DID NOT ACCEPT. Tried again and still no dice. I made a phone call to my bank, which took about 15 minutes and I ended up only being able to pay for 13 dollars worth of groceries because most of my money was in my savings. I also forgot I bought a new pair of running shoes last week and deposited some money into my ING Direct account. I only got the essentials and held off on the oversized pepperoni stick, Gatorade, and strawberry jam (they didn't have raspberry). I arrive home after a stressful trip to the store. I am holding all my groceries in my left hand and trying to unlock/open the door with my right. SMASH goes my eggs on the ground. Luckily only two broke and I salvaged them by using them that night for my pancake batter (Bisquick). Plus, I used my knife to cut part of the egg carton off because it had egg all over it. I felt like a real man. Before the night was over, I made my way down to Main Street and checked out what it had to offer for stores and restaurants. The best part was the free wifi at the Pemi Valley Laundry Mat. Ca-ching! Hoping to find a part-time job on my off days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). Wish me luck!

Food: 2 bowls of frosted fruit (store brand fruit loops), foot long subway, red bull, protein shake, pancakes

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