New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week of Delmar Dash 5 Miler

March 31st (Monday): 10.5 miles on the day. 3 mile tempo in the middle in 16:05. Big batch of burrito mix for the week.

Pure fuel.

April 1st (Tuesday): 3 miles (21:08) in the morning. Night lifting session. 3 miles (21:58) AFTER lifting with Ryan Sweet. Ouchies.

April 2nd (Wednesday): 3 miles (21:26) in the morning with Derrick. Normal day at work. First quality workout on the track. Meet up with Pete from the team and we all warmed up. 3+ miles (21:46). Some strides and onto the planned workout. 5x800, 5x400. Alternating with half rest. The classic Keene State workout.

2:26, 71, 2:26, 71, 2:26, 69, 2:26, 69, 2:26, 68.

Happy with the times. 15+ on the day. Buffalo Wild Wings (not impressed) for some dinner and a beer with the guys.

April 3rd (Thursday): 3 miles (22:02) in the morning. 7 miles (50:31) up in Saratoga with Megan and Shaun.

Pizza, brewski and Redbox (Meet the Millers)

April 4th (Friday): 9 miles (58:37) with Scott Mindel at 5:15pm. Quality run with good conversation.

April 5th (Saturday): 6 miles (42:05) with Scott and Goup at 11am. Relaxed the rest of the day.

April 6th (Sunday): Down to Delmar in the morning. 2.5+ mile warmup (19:23) on the first section of the course. Stacked field and was pumped to see so much talent on the line. Off the line well and fast first mile and in 4th place. 4:50ish. Held on for a 6th place finish and a slower 2nd half for 25:20. 5+ mile cooldown (43:31). A couple easy miles with a few kids that were lost during their fun run.

70 miles for the week with a good workout and hard race.

Photos from the week featuring Madison :)\
No captions necessary.

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