New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, April 7, 2014

Week After DH Jones

February 24th (Monday): 8+ miles (58:03).

February 25th (Tuesday): 7-8 miles. Not sure exactly what I ran this day. Weight lifting at night.

February 26th (Wednesday): 8.5+ miles (61:39).

February 27th (Thursday): 10 miles with a 5 mile mini tempo in 29:24 in the middle with Pete Rowell. Solid through a hilly 4 miles and the last mile was a bit of a stretch at the moment for Pete, but he is transferring over to distance well.

 Fuel for the run with a couple peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches (with the butt ends).

February 28th (Friday): Goose egg.

March 1st (Saturday): Goose egg. I'll take them now before the serious training starts.

March 2nd (Sunday): 14+ miles (1:42:03) with Ricardo, Pete, and Megan. Relaxed all day and made some buffalo chicken strips. Breaded with egg and flour. Fried up in the cast iron pan. Tossed in Texas Pete hot sauce and melted butter. 48 miles for the week. Down week, but its all good.

 Homemade buffalo chicken strips. Bomb.

 Cleaned the stove-top because it was overdue. 

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