New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, April 7, 2014

DH Jones 10 Miler Race Report

*For people who are reading this. I am finally catching up on my last month and a half of training and races. Sorry for the delay*

February 23rd (Sunday): Oat bran for breakfast at the house. Down to Fleet Feet to meet the rest the team to head over to Amherst, MA. 2 hours over and arrived by 9:30ish. Picked up the number and hit up the bathrooms before the warmup. Chilled in the cafeteria and prepared the racing gear.

2.5 mile (19:11) at 10:20am along the first mile+ of the race. Back to change up and decide on the level of warm clothing I needed. Decided on half tights, singlet, arm sleeves, hat and gloves. Over to the starting line for a few strides and line up with the entire New England/New York squad. Stacked race and ready for an fast start.

Off the line well. Quick first mile in 5:05ish and settled into a pace. This was the first hard effort of the year so I wasn't fully prepared, but have run well here the last two years.

First mile and eyes closed hammering down the hill.

 First hill was a shock to the system at 2.5 miles. Starting going backwards and had a group pass me on the hill. Re-rallied on the downhills and through 5 mile in 26:45. Negative split the 2nd half and finished up strong in 53:15 (26:30 2nd 5 miles). Poorly ran race with an aggressive first couple miles. Ran a tough race and happy with a top 10 finish in a stacked field. Next up is New Bedford Half Marathon and I need to run more relaxed (smarter).

 Strong finish.

3.5 mile cooldown with a couple of the guys. Awards, food and on the road. Stopped at the Amherst Brewery and received some terrible service. So bad we left after 45 minutes and we weren't even served our beers. Pathetic. Chipotle for a monster burrito and some soda. Home safely. 54 miles for the week and ready to slowly start up the spring racing season.

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