New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, April 14, 2014

New Beford Half Marathon Race Report


March 15th (Saturday): Slept in. The normal organize the house/room before heading out for the weekend for a race. Breakfast. Down to Albany to pick up Joanna with Goup to carpool over to New Bedford. Joanna works part-time at the Hampton Inn so we scored made cheap rooms for the weekend. Made it over to Fairhaven (town over) to check into the hotel by 2ish. Packet pickup was open until 4pm. Quick drive over and back to the hotel to change up for a shakeout run.

5 miles (34:47) with Goup. Stretched, sticked the legs, and showered up. Two people were "busy" in the next room. We were hoping they would get it out of their system before we headed to bed. Called into The Pasta House for reservations. Only can make reservations for parties 6 or more. Whatever. St. Patrick's day weekend so it was busy at the only nice restaurant in Fairhaven. Walked over and waited for about an hour. Worth it. Fried calamari and some pizza for dinner. Rocked my new orange corduroys for dinner. As we were finishing up, I received a compliment from a tipsy guy with green pants, an orange sweater, and a belt buckle with a suggestive saying on it.

Stopped at Walmart on the walk back to pick up some Gatorade. Back to the hotel to watch some television and crash for the night. Clothes all laid out for the morning.

March 16th (Sunday): 7am wakeup. Down to the lobby to grab the free breakfast. Saw a Belgium waffle maker. Boom! Some butter and fake maple syrup. Chilled and upstairs to change up. Packed up the room and on the road by 9ish. Short drive over to Y. Inside to destroy the bathroom. One stale, but waited in line.

Breezy out, but sunny. Warmed up 2.5 (18:57) with Goup and Joanna. Back to the car to decide on the level of warm clothing I needed. Decided on just a thin hat, thin gloves, half tights, and arm sleeves. Made it to the front line after some swerving/bobbing/weaving. Knew the competition was deep so dipped back a few rows to control my first couple miles. Goup and I discussed the night before and the morning about what to do to run a smart race.

Splits went like this:

Mile 1: 5:24
Mile 2: 5:40 (changed gears and left the pack I was running in)
Mile 3: 5:25 (16:30)
Mile 4: 5:32
Mile 5: 4:57 (26:59)
Mile 6-7: 10:07
Mile 8: 5:09
Mile 9-10: 10:19 (52:35, 25:36 2nd 5 miles)
Mile 11: 5:47 (wasn't changing distance on the guys in front of me, it was just that brutal for everyone)
Mile 12: 5:32
Mile 13: 5:18 (uphill/downhill)
Last 0.1: 54

Photo courtesy of Krissy K.

Finish time: 69:47

Happy with the results and a quality step forward in the training. Still very early in the year.

2.5 mile cooldown (19:17). 18 miles on the day. Major food intake inside the gym. Fish sandwich, seltzer, and a Powerbar protein bar. In the car and on our way back to NY. 45 miles for the week due to the beginning of the week (home for a few days for personal reasons). No worries.

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