New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Massages and Miles

 93 miles for the week. Huge workout and a quality long run just like planned.

November 10th (Monday): 4 miles (30:34) in the AM. 8 miles (55:04) in the PM. Standard day and legs felt pretty good coming off the 15K yesterday.

November 11th (Tuesday): 5 miles (34:37) in the AM. 5+ miles (NT) in the evening before bowling. Another solid day of recovery. Pushed out the two workouts to Wednesday and Thursday.

November 12th (Wednesday): 3 miles (20:18) in the AM. 10+ miles (56:19) in the evening. 56 flat for the 10 mile loop and the actual workout. Splits were 14:32, 14:06, 13:48, 13:34. Felt great and rocked right through the double loop.

 Yo yo yo.

November 13th (Thursday): 3 miles (20:14) in the AM. Out of work on time at 4ish. I missed my iPhone 6 being shipped by FedEx. It needed a signature. The main headquarters 25 minutes away was open until 8pm. I had to get a 3 x 3 mile workout down at the bike path again. Similar times to last time. Cruised the workout compared to last time and felt much stronger. 2+ warmup (15:30 + strides).

Splits were as followed: 15:45, 15:50, 15:40. Overall faster than last time and felt smoother. 3 mile (19:07) which was much quicker than last time due to feeling less depleted and the motivation to grab my iPhone down in Menands, NY. Back to the car with just enough time to change and head down there. No speeding and made it with 13 minutes to spare.

Ordered 5 Guys on the ride back up north and stopped in Clifton Park for my dinner and the Verizon Store for a case. Home to shower and head to bed.

November 14th (Friday): 3:30am wakeup. Couldn't sleep so I walked downstairs to watch some old school television (Catdog, Hey Arnold, etc) and setup my iPhone 6. Woohoo! 9 miles (68:16) with Renee and Jenn at 5am. I had a bunch of time so I dressed it up for a Friday and went with the company sweater vest. Massage at 5pm at Back In Balance. Deep tissue and focused on hips and hamstrings. Feels amazing and I recommend receiving a couple throughout a training cycle.

 Lunch. Peanut butter, Nutella, banana, granola, honey wraps.


Steak for dinner.

November 15th (Saturday): 7+ miles (55:14) with Fleet Feet group at the Zim Smith bike path. Relaxed and did some laundry in the afternoon. Another 3 miles (NT) with Derrick at 5pm. Over to my buddy's apartment for some brewskis and whatnot.

Playing the "Air Cat"

November 16th (Sunday): Hung out at my buddy's apartment all morning. Eggs and bacon for breakfast. Movies on TV. Back to my house to run 20 miles at sub 6 minute pace. 20 miles (1:58:37) to finish off another big week of miles. 5:55 pace and felt good. Ran at 4pm so the temperature was dropping and darkness was setting in, but made it happen.

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