New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Caught My Fall with My Wrist (See Pics)

71 miles for the week.

November 17th (Monday): Took the day off from running to clean my room and relax. Long day at work and needed a clear mind going through the rest of the week by being organized

November 18th (Tuesday): 4 miles (28:46) in the AM. 6 miles (41:01) in the evening before bowling. 

It was windy out. I was NOT robbing a bank.

 The gnome in SF.

November 19th (Wednesday): 3 miles (NT) in the morning. 9 miles total in the evening. 1.5 mile warmup, 6.75 miles tempo (missed an extra add on in the neighborhoods) in 39:57. At first, I had split that my last 3 miles was in 15:00 flat. I was like whoa! 5:20 for the last segment of the tempo. Solid run with a short jog cool down. 

 So close to seeing this one for 10 days.

November 20th (Thursday): 3 miles (NT) in the AM. I headed down to UAlbany in the evening around 5pm to do a 6xmile workout in the dark, light snow, and windy all by myself. Not a great combo and legs felt off. 

2.5 mile warmup. Made it through the first interval in 5:11 (73, 76, 77, 85). Jogged off 400 and maybe thought I just needed a easier mile to work it to. Made it through 200 in 40 and shut it down. 

The last 2 cycles I had one workout that I haven't finished. I brush it off and don't worry about it. Every single workout I have had this cycle have been on point with no hiccups.  It all sorted itself out when there was the 6pm group run from the PE gym. Got in 8 miles (62:33) with some friends through downtown Albany.  

November 21st (Friday): 8.5 miles (61:51) with Renee at 5am. 7 miles (48:48) with Shaun Donegan at 5:30pm. Stayed for dinner and hung out for the night.

So smiley.

November 22nd (Saturday): 15 miles (1:37:29) in the morning before heading to Leominster for the weekend. Drove down to Massachusetts to head to Sarah and Bob's house. Relaxed for the rest of the day and ate a delicious home cooked meal.

November 23rd (Sunday): 8am wakeup. A sitdown breakfast with the family before heading over to Fitchburg for the Slattery's 5 Miler for a 1pm start. Much nicer weather than last year. Shorts and t-shirt for running attire.

I'm just gonna leave it as my steeple chase career never started and probably never will especially after this incident. First 200 meters of the race, I decided to jump off some logs and caught my foot. Down hard on my wrist and the pictures below show the progression of pain I was in. This is why I run and luckily I don't need my hand/wrist to run fast. I DID JUMP UP IMMEDIATELY AND FINISHED RUNNING THE RACE TO HELP MY SISTER AND HER FRIEND. Nothing broken and the pain set in after the 2 mile cooldown after the race.

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