New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Run Santa Run 5K (Thanksgiving Week)

65 miles for the week with a road 5K PR and a day off.

November 24th (Monday): 9 miles (63+) in Saratoga with a group.

November 25th (Tuesday): Off. Bowling at night.

November 26th (Wednesday): 5 miles (NT) in the AM. 6.5 (46+) miles in the PM.

November 27th (Thursday): 9 miles (54:36) before heading to CT for Thanksgiving.

 My Aunt Kathy bought them.

November 28th (Friday): 10 miles (73+). Part of the run with Sarah.

Group shot - even Tucker made it in.

November 29th (Saturday): 6 miles in the AM total. 5k PR: 14:51 - solo effort. 4+ miles in the PM.

Breakfast before the race. Small piece of quiche and a scone.

Dessert well deserved. Work of art.
Tucker isn't allowed on the furniture. She wasn't.

November 30th (Sunday): 4 miles (32:27) in the AM. 11++ (73:26) miles in the evening.

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