New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, February 26, 2015

California Trip Slideslow

Here is my trip summed up in photos. You can see who the main focus was :)

MADISON and FOOD.  Race report of California International Marathon to follow.

 First day. Love her.

 Feeding herself. Sorta.

 That smile.

 Just chillin.

 Still working on the fine motor skills.

 Porkchops. Home cooked by Erin. Bombdiggity.

Ready for my closeup.

 Asian salad.

 Diesel breakfast made by Greg.

 On the way to Sacramento.



 Gotta have em.

 Post marathon.

 In and Out burger.

 Cream cheese stuffed French toast.

 Erin had (no joke) 5-6 bites. I destroyed the rest.

  Swim lessons!

 Alcatraz showers.

 Old school headphones.

 Visiting window.

 San Fran.


 So happy to see her.




 Admiring her uncle.


 Buster's Philly cheesesteaks.

 Want some Madison?

 I don't want to go back to the East Coast.

 From scratch. NBD.

Super Duper. Final meal from the West Coast.


  1. BOOM! Nice post. Love the pics!

    1. Thanks man! And I'm glad my 1st snowshoe run was with you! Definitely grabbing a pair soon.

  2. Why no report/mention about the boss 2:22:XX? that's incredible. Nice job, man!

    1. Don't worry - I am writing it as I type this. And I mentioned it at the top of this post!