New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Marathon Specific (4 x 2 mile)

96 miles for the week. 2 quality workouts to start the marathon specific training cycle.

October 20th (Monday): 3 miles (NT) in the AM. 10+ miles (56:32 - 56 flat effort) in the PM. Felt really smooth on this run and cruised right through it. 2.5 mile splits: 14:26, 14:03, 14:05, 13:56).

October 21st (Tuesday): 4 miles (NT) in the AM. 5 miles (33:24) before bowling league. Saw a local guy in the neighborhoods that was rocking a solid pace. Legs felt okay.

October 22nd (Wednesday): 3 miles (NT) in the AM. Normal day at work and out at a decent hour to allow me to head down to UAlbany for the track workout at 6pm. Pete told me I might have Macky for assistance in my workout. Sweet deal.

He was there when I was back from my 2.5 mile warmup around campus. Changed into my Lunaracers and ran some strides to loosen up. Goal was 10:30 and work down from there. Goup told me I wasn't allowed to break 10 on the last one. I thought that was fairly comical because I thinking I wouldn't be near that. Things change.

10:28 (Led the entire thing with Macky on my side and felt smooth)
10:18 (Macky brought us through in 5:08, finished up fairly even)
10:05 (Macky paced me through the 1st 800 and the end - the quicker rest caught up with him)
9:55 (Again, same deal as the previous interval - surprised myself with the minimal effort)

Finished the workout with the final 800 rest and a total time of 54:46 for the 10 miles. Boom! It was a huge confidence booster to crush this kind of workout (1st time doing longer intervals) and it was awesome to have Macky helping me out - solid workout. When we were "jogging" the last rest, Macky was like "You're in great shape! You're getting ready for a marathon, right?" I responded, "Thanks - I better be - yeah, running a marathon in December!" He came back with "Oh okay, that doesn't make me feel so bad that I couldn't hang with you." Haha - he's getting in good shape, but he is more accustom to the shorter distances (way quicker than me over mile to 5k).

Five Guys as a reward (like every week) and back to the house to shower/head to bed.

 Yogurt and granola as dessert!

October 23rd (Thursday): Morning off from running. 12 miles (82:37) in the rainy weather after work - solo effort. Felt good and legs were sorta tired, but no serious soreness.

It's gonna be amazing seeing this little one for 10 straight days

October 24th (Friday): 8 miles (58:17) with Renee at 5am - 3 x 30,60,90 to help her out on her workout. 5 miles (34:43) right after work and before heading back to CT for the weekend.

The advantage of running at 5am. Over an hour to get ready for work.

October 25th (Saturday): 10 miles (66:27) in the AM. The rest of the day was spent relaxing (massage, pedicure, bowling, and a home cooked meal).

Salami, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce (toasted and melted).

 Blurry, but you can see the lady has gloves on. Normally they don't...

October 26th (Sunday): 13+ miles total in the beautiful town of Kent, CT in the morning/afternoon. Drove down with my parents, sister and her friend to run the scenic Kent 5 Mile Road Race. 7 miles (46:35) prior to the race. Ran with my sister for the Kent 5 Miler. 1 mile jog around after. Some window shopping and food eating in downtown Kent. Headed back to NY soon after the race. 8 miles (55:02) at 6pm to finish the day with 21 miles.