New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Harder The Workout, The Better The Results (3 x 3 mile)

96 miles for the week. Great week of training. A couple big workouts and a solid long run.

October 27th (Monday): 3 miles (21:07) in the AM. 10 miles (57:13) total. First 5 miles in 31:33 and the 2nd 5 mile at hard tempo in 26:40. 5:06, 5:10, 5;01, 5:08, 5:12. Felt good and solid start to the week.

October 28th (Tuesday): 5 miles (34:38) in the AM. Solid night of bowling at the league. 150, 156, 144. Most consistent and best scores so far. 5 miles (34:26) post league at 10pm.

October 29th (Wednesday): The afternoon brought a workout that I only have seen on paper or on Flotrack Wednesday workout videos. 2+ mile warmup total. I had mapped out the 3 mile straightaway on the Zim Smith Bike Path right down the road from me before driving down to the parking lot. Crossings of roads were my major markers for splits. 5 minutes rest between each interval. Changed into my Nike Lunaracers and ready to roll. Goup wanted me at current marathon pace, 2:20 pace, and 2:18 pace (basically 5:25, 5:20, 5:15) for the 3 x 3 mile.

B - Bridge, E - English Road, P - Pond

This was a big workout to wrap my head around, but succeeded. Depleted by the end and I love it. The splits were the following 15:56, 15:59, 15:35. 3+ mile (22:17) for a cooldown back to the car in the flats. 19 miles on the day.

There is a burger underneath that all.

October 30th (Thursday): 4 miles (30:41) in the AM. 9 miles (64:14) in the evening. Amazon package arrived with my Nutribullet!

October 31st (Friday): 9 miles (66:26) with Renee and Jenn at 5am. 5 miles (34:52) in the evening

I love FaceTiming with Madison. She was part of the 3 Blind Mice.

December can come soon enough.

This is how you prep food in the mornings. Omelette, burrito mix (x2) and sauteed veggies.

November 1st (Saturday): 5 miles (34:26) in the AM. 3 miles (21:09) in the evening. Over to Peddler's for Renee's birthday dinner with a bunch of friends and all the kids. Out to Albany after for a guys night.

November 2nd (Sunday): 7am wakeup. Drove to Vermont for an epic long run with Ferenc, Hammett, and Pat Rich at Ferenc's new place. 18 miles (2:08:21) through straight trails and amazing views. Veggie chili for recovery fuel and hung out with Ferenc until about 9:30pm or so. Drove back to NY.

Views on the drive over to Vermont.

So good.

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