New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Massages Are Beneficial

87 miles for the week. Quality miles. Massage scheduled for Saturday - focus on calves & hips.

October 13th (Monday): 9 miles (64:56) in the afternoon.

October 14th (Tuesday): 4 miles (30:16) in the AM. 7 miles (46:34) in the PM.

 Ice bath to reduce inflammation.
October 15th (Wednesday): 3 miles (21:08) in the AM. Just shy of 10 (63:11). Sub 65 effort.

Milk carton shaped ice cube.
Keeps the water cold to say the least.
October 16th (Thursday): 5 miles (33:49) in the AM. 7 miles (48:38) in the evening.

 Can't wait to see her in December!

October 17th (Friday): 8 miles (57:50) at 5am with Renee. 3 x 30/60/90. Afternoon off. Recovery room after work for food and drinks. Saratoga for a couple hours at night with co-workers.

October 18th (Saturday): 9 miles (60:32) in the morning before my 11am massage. Sherri worked on my calves and hips. Wow. Fresh haircut by my boy Sean in Clifton Park. 4 miles (29:52) in the evening.

Lost my key when using the "bathroom" on a run. Found it today.
October 19th (Sunday): Up to Saratoga for the XC Classic Race. 8 miles (59:40) with Renee through SPAC. 5K race (17+) as a tempo. 3 miles (21:22) - course in reverse. Chilled for the afternoon. Another 6.5 miles (45+) with Ken from Fleet Feet at 5pm. See dinner below made in the cask iron pan. Devoured so quickly. So good!

 Potato wedges. Mexican style. Black beans. Avocado. Onions. Peppers. Salsa. Seasonings.

Clean plate club.

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