New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Before Hartford

October 4th (Friday): 6am wakeup. 4+ miles (29:03) at 6:25am. Protein shake for breakfast. Finished making my burrito mix from last night. Busy day at work running around closing things out before the weekend. Productive day overall. Home by 4:30ish. Chilled.

FaceTimed with my sister Erin for just over 1 hour. Grabbed a quick snack (a spoonful of honey, a handful of graham cracker snacks, and a swig of cran-raspberry juice). Out for around 7pm. 8+ miles (55:09) on my own. Back for a protein shake and a bowl of cereal. Started watching Extract on Netflix and fell asleep hard on the couch.

 It doesn't matter if I tuck my sheets in. After just one night of sleeping, ruined.

October 5th (Saturday): Slept in until about 8am. Broken up night of sleep, but well rested. Some oat bran for breakfast and heated up the legs to get them extra loose. Out for 6 miles (43:21) through the back neighborhoods. I wish I had a pair of glasses that allowed me to record parts of my run. I run by a barn all the time. It has a open fence door that animals stick their head out of sometimes. There were a couple chickens outside of the door. Sticking it's head was a goat. As I passed by, it began to "scream" at me (like in the YouTube videos). All I could do was smile and laugh to myself. I ended up looping back past the barn about 20-25 minutes later. This time the goat was inside the barn, but up on the window sill. "Screaming" again. Slightly muffled because it was behind the glass. Truly entertaining.

Similar to this.

Back to the house to foam roll and eat some food. Chilled on the couch and watched some movies on TV. Stopped off at Walmart, Target, and Marshalls/Homegoods in the late afternoon. Random things purchased. Some necessities for next weekend (Gatorade, Clif Bars,and cereal for the week). I also bought a new cellphone case because it looked pretty sweet and inexpensive.

Back to the house to relax for a bit and head down to the bike path for an evening run. 6 miles (40:30) along the soft terrain of the bike path at 6:15pm. Stopped at Hannaford's for some more shopping. Bananas, chicken, almond milk, and orange juice. Home to foam roll, make a protein shake, and ice bath. 20 minutes. Extra cold. Worth it. Finished the movie Extract and watched Daydream Nation on Netflix. Bed by 11:30pm.

 A true ice bath since I purchased a 5 pound bag of ice.

October 6th (Sunday): 7:30am wakeup. Tried to go back to sleep. Didn't work. Downstairs to watch some televsion and relax. I loaded the dishwasher and ran it. I made myself a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest. I poured the milk and realized I was washing all the spoons in the dishwasher. I rushed and found a solution.

 Measuring spoon!

I had intentions of a morning long run at some point, but it just didn't happen. More food consumed (a Clif bar, a fruit stripe, graham cracker snacks). Television movie. Made a "game" out of it while watching the movie Colombiana. Every commercial break I had to complete a part of chore (emptying the dishwasher, loading the dishwasher, washing dishes, tidying up areas, organizing paperwork/things). Worked out well. Goup home around 2pm. We headed out for a long run together. 15+ miles (1:41:47). Goup and I ran the first 11 together. Solid run. Last long run before Hartford.

Back to the house to make a protein shake and ice any slight soreness/tightness. Epic fail while making my protein shake. I was using the spatula to scrap the container clean.

What a waste of yogurt.

Over to the Dollar General to attempt to find water bottles. Picked up some steel wool for dishes, Armoral for the interior of my car, and ended up finding the perfect water bottles. Only 30 cents too. Clearance! Stopped at Hannaford's for a couple things for the week. Steak, yogurt, and sweet potatoes.

I will make them very distinct looking.

Back to the house to prepare some food for the week to ease the nervousness. The two crucial things are preparation and marination. Chopped up all the chicken and steak. Sorted it into individual Pyrex containers. Glass makes it easier to clean after it's done marinating. Pick your weapons of choice. The more, the merrier.

The major ingredients (the hot pepper rings - I used the juice and rings).

 Makes it easy to just cook up, sauté up some veggies, and throw in a wrap or over some rice.

While prepping the meat, I cooked up some chicken in ranch dressing, sriracha sauce, and chili powder. Simple, spicy and delicious. Watched some television and relaxed before bed. Body is itching for Saturday and sleeping is gonna be rough this week.
Chicken and spinach wrap for dinner.

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