New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

6 Mile Paced Run

September 25th (Wednesday): Standard day. 4+ miles (30:48) on my own at 6:20am. Protein shake for breakfast. Pasta with chicken (marinated in sriracha sauce), spinach, and onion. Out of work by 4:15pm.

Down to Walmart for an eye exam at 4:50pm. Quick exam and one of the ladies was helping me pick out glasses. I couldn't make a decision and she was waiting on my try-on at home pairs to arrive from So I felt obligated to buy a pair, but I just couldn't. Grabbed my prescription from the doctor and was on my way. Purchased a plastic bin, ice cube trays, and kitchen garbage bags. Making my own ice bath for my feet/achilles as a precautionary action. Felt great to do it after the Palio Half. Recovered well with the help of that.

Home by 6:30pm. Chilled on the couch. Mustered up the motivation and energy to change up for a run. Out the door at 8pm. 7+ miles (51:34) with the high visibility vest and headlamp. Home to foam roll and snack on some food. Bed by 10:15pm.

September 26th (Thursday): 5:50am wakeup. Out for 3.5 miles (25:28) with Derrick. Back for a protein shake. Quick day at work. A delicious lunch made that morning. Lightly sauteed up some sliced apples and onions. Spinach, black/pinto beans. All in pasta.

Home by 4:30pm to relax. Snack and get ready for a run. Powerbar gel taken before the run and washed it down with some water. 6 mile loop mapped out for the workout portion of 5:05 pace (goal for the run). 3 mile warmup (morning run loop) in 19:02. Trotted off and started up the workout.

Mile splits: 5:14, 5:11, 5:06, 10:03 (the mile splits were off), 5:14. 30:48 for total time of 6 miles. 5:08 pace. Took a couple miles to get going, but happy with the solid effort. 3 mile cooldown (reverse morning loop) in 20:25. 12+ miles total for the afternoon.

Some snacks and bed a decent hour. 15.5 miles on the day.

Cheap. BPA Free. Attempt at an ice bath.

On the couch. Cold, but nothing crazy. Served a purpose though.

Delicious cider donuts as a reward. Last 2 of the batch.

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