New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fuel Up Boys

October 7th (Monday): Slept in. Protein shake for breakfast. Some heavy rain during the day. Steak, mushroom, onion, and spinach wrap for lunch. Normal Monday at work. Home to relax and chill. Waited for the rain to stop. Out for 10 miles total (9+ plus strides) around 6:15pm. 66:47 total. Felt smooth on the strides. Left the bath of water outside to cool off for a ice bath. Added a bunch of ice before taking a 30 minute soak. Lots of foam rolling and sticking before submerging the legs.

Chicken wrap for dinner. Bed early.

 Snack right after work.

 Chicken marinated with hot pepper juice and rings. Spinach and chopped up red pepper.

October 8th (Tuesday): 3 miles (21:20) on my own in the morning. Protein shake. Carpooled with Goup to work. Steak, mushroom, onion with ranch wrap. Didn't have any wraps so I bought one in the cafeteria for 83 cents.

Bowl of cereal for a snack after work. Crashed for a couple hours on the couch. Woke up when Goup walked through the door back from his track workout. Upstairs to change up for an easy 5 miles (33:30) at 7:15pm. Back to do the dishes while making dinner. Chicken and veggies (avocado) over mixed up with yellow rice for dinner. Bed by 10pm.

Chicken and steak at the same damn time. 

 Looks gross. Tastes bomb.

October 9th (Wednesday): Slept in. Protein shake for breakfast since I had some time to kill before departing for work. Busy day at work. Watched a co-worker teach the New Contractor Orientation for the 1st time. Steak with mushrooms and onions mixed with Spanish yellow rice for lunch.

Back to the house to run 7 miles (48:21) with Goup around 6pm. Lots of foam rolling and sticking. Icing. All the extra precautionary things never hurt for race day. Another round of chicken with veggies for dinner.

October 10th (Thursday): Bowl of cereal for breakfast. Work 7:30am-4pm. Leftovers from last night. Finished off the 2 pound StonyField yogurt container. Dipped my fruit stripe, Clif Bar, chocolate chip graham cracker snacks, and finally some granola. All separately. Utilized my mini spatula spoon at work. Boom!

Stopped to pick up the mail. Grab a few things for dinner and more raw fuel for the weekend (yogurt, chicken breasts, vanilla almond milk). Home to relax and eventually get out for a run at 6:45pm. 5 miles total (4+ plus strides). Felt smooth and ready to roll.

Back to the house to foam roll, FaceTime with my sister Kate, and prepare a big dinner. Pasta, chicken and broccoli. FaceTimed with my dad for a bit. Watched Breaking Away on Netflix.

Pure ammunition for Saturday.


  1. Chef AND a 2:26 (my guess?) marathoner! Damn!

    Hope the weather is perfect in Hartford. Kill it!

  2. 2:22 thoner now! Can't wait for the report!