New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, October 4, 2013

Tapering + Day Off

September 30th (Monday): Slept in like a champ. Out of bed at 7am. Some breakfast. Bought lunch at work. Buffalo chicken sandwich special. Home to run with Derrick and Goup at 5pm. 7 miles (48:30). Back to stretch, foam roll, and throw some warm clothes on. Picked up Derrick to bring him to the Toyota dealership up in Saratoga.

It was very interesting to see the differences between my sales transaction compared to Derrick's one. Two very different people looking for two different cars. Stopped at Subway with Derrick for dinner and dropped him off. Over to the grocery store at 9:15pm to do big shopping.

Home to relax and get to bed at a decent hour. Bowl of cereal before bed.

October 1st (Tuesday): Day off from running. Work 7:30am-4pm. Caught up with a whole bunch of stuff once I arrived home. Threw a couple loads of laundry in the washer. Loaded the dishwasher. Wiped down the counters and stove top. Scrubbed the toilet because it had a layer of something in the bowl (built up over the past couple months). Relaxed. Washed my sheets after so many weeks/months.

Omelet for dinner. Bed by 10pm.

Spinach, onion, and mushroom. Ketchup. Hot sauce. Sriracha sauce.

Bed is slowly getting there. Purchased a few more pillows. I even tucked in my sheets.

October 2nd (Wednesday): 4 miles (29:03) at 6:15am. 3 miles with Goup and added on another mile. Protein shake for breakfast. Chicken wrap for lunch. Normal day at work. Taught NCO in the morning.

Stopped at the Post Office to ship back my at home try-on pairs of glasses. No shipping label in the box so I had to rush back home to find it. Swung back before 5pm so I could ship it out on time without penalty. Phew!

Quickly changed up and headed out for an easy 7 miles (46:30) with Goup at 5:15pm. Chilled out for the night. Foam rolled. Iced. Snacked on a bunch of food. Bed by 10:30pm.

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