New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Tires On The Honda

February 9th - 15th: 69 miles total for the week. 

Decent week. Treadmill makes me want to stop running, but it will get better and winter will end eventually. 

February 9th (Monday): 8.5 miles (58+) solo on the treadmill.

February 10th (Tuesday): 7.5 miles (NT) with Renee at the YMCA in Clifton Park at 5am. 3 miles (NT) in the evening through the neighborhoods.

February 11th (Wednesday): 3.5 miles (NT) with Karen in the AM. 5 miles (NT) with Goup in the PM. New tires mounted on the car. Way overdue, but sitting on all season Pirellis now! The car doesn't look any different, but the ride is so much smoother. Bring on the snow!

February 12th (Thursday): 5 miles (NT) with Karen in Ballston Lake in the AM. 6+ miles (NT) solo through the neighborhoods of Ballston Lake in PM.

Didn't even plan it.

 Just gotta have one some days.

February 13th (Friday): 7.5 miles (53+) with Renee and Dave at the YMCA at 5am. 5 miles (35+) with Karen and Goup at Vent Fitness.

February 14th (Saturday): 10 miles. Attempted a hill workout in Albany and it went terrible. Legs felt like mush and didn’t have any pop. The 12+ miles on the treadmill yesterday could have had something to do with that feeling. Oh well.

February 15th (Sunday): 9 miles total. 3 mile tempo on the treadmill in 16:30. Sub 60 for the 9 miles.

Always gotta include my favorite niece!

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