New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Full 7 Days

December 9th (Monday): 7 miles (49:59) with a hammerfest for the last 1/4 mile for cuss and giggles. Made it out the door at 4:45pm.

Yogurt and cranberry juice to start to shake. Looks gross, but a great combo.

December 10th (Tuesday): 7.75 miles (52:51) with an overall progression run and a quick ending once again. Forgot my lunch on the dining room table so I was too disappointed to have an appetite at work. Skipped lunch. Down to Albany for lifting at 7:15pm.

Omelet with some salsa and cilantro.

December 11th (Wednesday): Burrito mix for lunch. 7+ miles (51:46) on my own in the snow and cold. Awesome run in the dark along the bike path. Turkey burger for dinner. Bed early to rest up the body.

 Turkey burger with spinach, ranch and sriracha sauce.

December 12th (Thursday): Helped with HAZMAT training with ERT all day. Easy day at work. Home to chill and wait for Sean Gavs to arrive for a 6pm run from our house. 7.75 miles (57:13) in the back neighborhoods and stayed off all the main roads.

Sunset walking out of work.

December 13th (Friday): 7+ miles (on the treadmill). Mount Washington training in the works. Started at 4% incline and ended the last few minutes at 10% incline. Rocked a 6 minute mile at 6% grade. According to McDaniels, that is roughly at 4:35ish effort. I was huffing and puffing a bit, but overall a quality run on the hamster wheel.

December 14th (Saturday): 7 miles (51:59) at 6:30am in 5 degree weather. Ugghh! A run with Renee and Jeff down the street on the bike path. Bundled up right and no issues staying warm. The chin and moustache froze over in the first couple miles. Back to the house to warm up and wait until 9am to head back down to the bike path for the Fleet Feet group run. 3 miles (28+) with a whole group of people. Breakfast at Leah's Cakery with the group. Cinnamon bun. Mmmm. So good. Chatted it up with some random people and back to the house to relax the rest of the day.

Started snowing in the late evening. Some television watching and whatnot. Bed at a decent hour.

Mushrooms, onions, spinach, hot mamas and ketchup. Boom.

December 15th (Sunday): 8:30am wakeup. Changed up to head down to UAlbany for the winter series. Waited for Goup to arrive and head down together. Roads weren't terrible and we made it just in time. I jogged over to the starting line and the crowd was off the line as I was about 5 feet from it. Shuffled in and made my way to the front. There was a choice of 3 mile and 15k. I opted for the 3 mile and finished up in 17:21. Some of the roads were clear, but overall a bit sloppy. Found Goup running the 15k and trotted it out with him for the remainder of the distance. 10 miles on the day and 55 miles for the week.

Back up to Ballston Lake and witnessed a car accident right before our exit off of 87. Subaru Forrester totaled on the right side of the road and a Hyundai pushed off to the guardrail on the right. We stopped and made sure everyone was okay. The 80+ year old woman who was impacted by the side airbag was just fine. The cop asked if she wanted EMS to check her out. She responded with, "I think I'm okay. I am standing and talking." She cop then asked, "Are you sure? They are coming to check the on other woman (from the Subaru)." She then replied with, "Once you hit 80, you get pretty tough." Awesome. 

Back to the house to relax the rest of the day. Snow plows didn't get to our road until 2:30pm. I wasn't going anywhere so no big deal. Headed down to Clifton Park to pick up toilet paper, gum and a shovel to move the snow out from in front of the garage and the walkway. On the way back, stopped at Hannaford's for some grocery shopping.

Makeshit shovel.

"Shoveled" out spots for the wheels to head down to Clifton Park.

New shovel. Digging the color.

Rewarded my hour of shoveling with a monster omelet.
Pie won from the winter series. Apple.
A la mode.


  1. Good week. Love the 80 year old woman's comment.

    1. Thanks man! It was hysterical! The other woman was overreacting like crazy. Saying "I can't breath!" She was fine. No wheezing or anything. She was probably half her age too.