New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, December 8, 2013

End of November (Slattery's & MRR)

November 18th (Monday): 5.5 miles (40:37) in the evening.

November 19th (Tuesday): 5.5 miles total (33:25 + strides) with Goupil. Fleet Feet Albany for strength training. A solid 35-45 minutes of straight work.

November 20th (Wednesday): 7 miles (50:00). Last 2.55 miles in 16:01. Felt smooth to crank it up a bit at the end of the run.

November 21st (Thursday): 7+ miles (55:34). Easy night run. Legs sore from lifting.

November 22nd (Friday): Day off. Travel to Massachusetts to Sarah's house for the weekend.

November 23rd (Saturday): 5 miles (43+) with my dad in the afternoon. Parents came up for the weekend to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with Sarah and Bob. They were heading down to Louisiana to spend it with Bob's relatives.

 Such a good puppers.

Tucker will cuddle anywhere.

The nap after the run.
November 24th (Sunday): Slattery 5 miler. Last minute decision to "race" it as a bandit. Sarah wasn't running for time so I did a mini workout.

Nothing bed than home cooking. 

Week 2 consisted of single runs and a day off. 37 miles for the week. Headed down to Fleet Feet in Albany for some weight training. Lower body. Duplicated what I could at Sarah's. It's the extra nitty gritty stuff like strength training that will get me to that next level.

November 25th (Monday): 5.5 miles (treadmill). Broke in the new treadmill Goup acquired from NH. Sweetness.

Won the Hartford Marathon? Defend my title? Whatever.

November 26th (Tuesday): 3+ miles (25+) with Goup, Derrick, and Ken Little. Snowing out. 5 miles (NT) in the evening. First double in a while.

November 27th (Wednesday): Off. Out early from work and traveled home down to Connecticut. Ended up just chilling with the parents for the night.

November 28th (Thursday): Turkey day. Manchester Road Race with my parents. Paced my dad to 36:00 flat. The exact goal time for the race. Boom. Dad almost puked up his oatmeal right after he finished. That means he put it all out there. Proud of him.
A well deserved donut and brewski.

Hit the spot.
November 29th (Friday): Oops. Another day off. Slept in. Over to my Aunt Kathy's for turkey sandwiches and the movies. Frozen in 3D. I forgot how much singing is in Disney movies. Good flick though.
Snack on the way to my Aunt's for leftover turkey sandwiches.

November 30th (Saturday): Yard work in the afternoon. Made it over to Huntington with my dad for some trails and daylight at 3:30ish. 8 miles total (56:57). First 20+ minutes with my dad and finished up at our own pace for the remainder.

December 1st (Sunday): 9 miles (62:52) with Pat Dennen in Newtown. Breakfast and caught up on life for a couple hours at Bagel Delite. Stayed in Newtown for the night and left in the morning.

Week 3 had a couple days off, but it was worth it to spend more time with the family. Strength training is on Tuesdays and it was upper body. The part that I lack a bit. So I was sore until the weekend. Used the long weekend as recovery. Caught up with a local friend and paced my dad to his goal time for Manchester Road Race. Woohoo!

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