New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, November 21, 2013

First Week Back

November 11th (Monday): Woke up with a sore throat. Normal day at work. Home to run 4.5 miles (31:19) with Derrick. Easy run and good to catch up with him after a few weeks off.

November 12th (Tuesday): Blah day with the sickness setting in. Day off all together from running and night lifting at Fleet Feet.

November 13th (Wednesday): Feeling roughly the same as yesterday. 5.5 miles (39:40) in the evening. Felt good to breath in some fresh air and blow a bunch of snot rockets to clear the sinuses.

November 14th (Thursday): On the upswing. A couple nights of 9-10 hours of sleep, Nyquil (store brand) and some Mucinex. 5.5 miles (37:02) in the evening.

Back to healthy eating!

November 15th (Friday): Normal day at work. Had to stay at work until 5pm due to a high priority tool being signed off. A couple punch list items that needed to be verified the next day. Overtime approved. Boom.v5.5 miles (39:21) in the afternoon.

November 16th (Saturday): Almost all better. Kicked the cold. Slept in. Phone call received around 10am to let me know the work was complete. Work 10:30am-12:30pm. Stopped in at TJ Maxx to see if there was anything new. Grabbed a sweet fleece pullover.

Home to relax and watch a bunch of moves. The Other Woman on Netflix. Cars. PS I Love You. 3 miles (21:15) in the evening with Goup. Bed at a decent hour.

November 17th (Sunday): 7 miles (50:17) with the Fleet Feet Racing team (mostly women's team) at 8am. Easy first 6 miles. Worked in the last mile with Pete (similar to Najem in the speed aspect) and Goup. Sub 5:30 last mile. Boom. Gavs made it out for the run as well from Albany. Sweeeeet!

Relaxed the rest of the day. Listened to Dr. Dre radio on Spotify and this came on. Huh?

 Good song, but no what I wanted to listen to at the time.

31 miles for my 1st week back. Felt great to get out there on the roads. Being back in a routine is amazing. I don't feel like such a bum.


  1. Welcome back! Hows week 2 going?

  2. Thanks man! Week 2, 3 and 4 went well. It's just been working back into the miles. One a days and no workouts.