New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Time Off (11 pounds)

October 13th - November 5th: 1 month of no running. The first week was painful, but recovery was quicker than last year. The crap eating started immediately. The day after the marathon I ate about a half a box of Oreos, a whole box of Charleston Chews, and some other random stuff. I began season 1 of Breaking Bad on Netflix at 1pm on Sunday. I did not leave the couch until 1am. 11 episodes and hooked on it hard.


Every single day was dedicated to bad eating and sitting my kester on the couch to watch episodes of Breaking Bad. I felt asleep on the couch multiple nights in a row. Ice cream for dinner. I headed to Keene for Pumpkinfest weekend with thrower Phil Elmer and got rowdy Friday and Saturday night. Ended up grabbing wings Sunday night in Vermont with Ferenc and Boj.

Pumpkinfest masterpiece.

The bag of homemade caramel was put to good use. Some of was heated up and poured over my ice cream. It ended up hardening over the ice cream, but still tasted delicious. The rest of the caramel was eating by the handful as a snack. No cross training and whole bunch of vegging out was done through these 3.5 weeks off.

 Vanilla ice cream with caramel.

I did visit my sister one weekend. I hadn't seen her or Bob in a while so it was nice to spend some quality time with them. Always a good thing to see Tucker!

 Roommate while I'm at my sister's house in Massachusetts.

After my time off, I officially gained a solid 11 pounds. My mom noticed when we were FaceTiming one night. She said my face was fuller. Oh well (and don't judge me). I purchased a new pair of prescription glasses. Ordered them off Walked away with a steal. Frames ended up being on sale. Free lenses with the purchase of Smith Optics frames (the ones I wanted). Aaaand 25% off coupon I found randomly online. Free shipping and arrived 5 days later from the order date. 72 bucks. Boom!

Loved the time off, but working back into the swing of things. The week of November 4th-10th had a few shakeout runs before the weekly mileage and training starts. 3-4 miles Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. Training has commenced and it feels amazing to be back outdoors breathing in the fresh air. Winter has arrived so it's time to bundle up. Plus daylights savings! Headlamp and high visibility vest!

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