New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Valentine's Day (Weekend of Singles)

February 1st (Monday): Long day of work. Day off.

February 2nd (Tuesday): Just shy of 7 miles in the AM. 4++ in the PM.
February 3rd (Wednesday): 4 in the AM. 5 in the PM.
February 4th (Thursday): 3 in the AM. Short workout in the PM. 2 mile warmup. 2x800. 4x400. 2:24, 2:23, 69, 69, 67, 68. Total time for 3 miles: 16:45. 2 mile cooldown.
February 5th (Friday): Just shy of 7 miles. Weekend in Leominster helping finish the nursery.
February 6th (Saturday): 5++ miles in the AM.
February 7th (Sunday): Snowshoe race cancelled so I ended up cancelling running that day. Day off.

 Making pizza.

 Official squatty potty from my family for my birthday.

 Sarah's bowl on the left (size of a apple sauce container). Mine of the right.

42 miles week. Two days off. Gotta jump back on the horse.

February 8th (Monday): 5 miles in the AM. 3 miles in the PM.
February 9th (Tuesday): 5 miles (41:46) in the AM. 5.5 miles in the PM.
February 10th (Wednesday): 5 miles in the PM.
February 11th (Thursday): 3 miles in the AM. 7 miles in the PM on the treadmill at work. Two uptempo miles in 5:27 and 5:21.
February 12th (Friday): 8 miles (56:16) with Goup in the PM. Headed over to my buddy Shaun's house for dinner.
February 13th (Saturday): 10+ miles (67:40) in 8 degree weather with a windchill of -17 degrees F. I was overdressed.
February 14th (Sunday): 13 miles (1:44:19) in the snow-covered trails of Schuylerville, NY. 9 degrees F with no wind.

64 miles for the week with an epic weekend of running. With me being single and it being single digits outside, it was only natural to be motivated to battle the elements. Pleased with sliding back into a groove of miles and doubling up on half of the days.

 Windproof Saucony RAZR jacket. Clutch.
 Never thought I would use the neck-warmer from Loon Mountain Race. 

Studs for extra traction on Sunday.

 Organic. Non GMO. Valentine's day gift to myself.

 No caption needed.

My Valentine every year.

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