New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, February 19, 2016

January (Indoor Track & Birthday)

December 28th (Monday): 8 miles (57:49) with Shaun Donegan in the trails at Luther Forest
December 29th (Tuesday): 7 miles with my new Dion snowshoes at SPAC.
December 30th (Wednesday): 4 miles in the AM solo.
December 31st (Thursday): 8 miles on the Vermont trails with Ferenc and Hammett.
January 1st (Friday): 8+ miles (62:39) with Eric Narcisi and Scott McGrath in North Andover.
January 2nd (Saturday): BU mini meet. Rust buster since the marathon. 4:31 in the mile, 2:04 in the 800.
January 3rd (Sunday): 5+ miles (52:16) with Sarah, Bob, and my parents in Leominster, MA.

51 miles for the week with a "speed workout" at Boston University.

 The Macknight side of her is evident here.

Tutus all around.

The flow is coming back. Scott Mason captured it!

January 4th (Monday): 5 miles at 5am with the morning group.
January 5th (Tuesday): 5 miles at 5am.
January 6th (Wednesday): 4 miles in the AM. 8 miles (53+) with Shaun Donegan at the Stryders Wednesday night run. New course record on a strava segment. 4:53 pace for just under a mile (overall downhill).
January 7th (Thursday): 5 miles at 5am.
January 8th (Friday): 5 miles at 5am. 5 miles (30:04) in the PM.
January 9th (Saturday): 6 x Kinns Hill Rd. 400 meters. Quality hill. 1:37, 1:36, 1:37, 1:34, 1:38, 1:32. 12 miles on the day.
January 10th (Sunday): 12 miles (89+) during the Winter Series at UAlbany in the pouring rain.

61 miles for the week with a hill workout.

January 11th (Monday): 6 miles at 5AM. 3 miles in the evening.
January 12th (Tuesday): 5 miles at 5AM.
January 13th (Wednesday): 7.5 miles in the evening with Shaun and Goup.
January 14th (Thursday): 9.5 miles (59:20) with 4 sets of 30, 60, 90.
January 15th (Friday): 9 miles (65:09)
January 16th (Saturday): 11 miles (NT)
January 17th (Sunday): 10 miles (1st 5 - 34:29 with Renee, 2nd 5 miles - 26:41).

61 miles for the week with a fast 5 miles to end the week.

 Love it.

 1st attempt.

 I decided to not jump and change the angle.

Strainer woman!

January 18th (Monday): 6 miles in the AM. Made a bomb eggplant parm.
January 19th (Tuesday): 6 miles in the AM. 4 miles on the treadmill at work.
January 20th (Wednesday): 10 miles (NT) in the evening.
January 21st (Thursday): 6 miles in the morning. Exhausted in the afternoon. Bed early.
January 22nd (Friday): 9 miles (62+) on the treadmill at work.
January 23rd (Saturday): 5.5 miles (NT) in Leominster
January 24th (Sunday): Tough double at GBTC Invitational at Harvard University. 8:54 and 4:36. Raced both in the Nike Victorys. Ouch.

59 miles for the week with a solid track double.

 I see white hairs?

Can't get sick of this puppers.

January 25th (Monday): 6.5 miles (50:40) with Goup in the evening. Calves wicked sore.
January 26th (Tuesday): 6.5 miles at 5AM.
January 27th (Wednesday): 7.8 miles (48:10) with 10 x 1 minute (1 minute rest).
January 28th (Thursday): 6.5 miles (NT) plus 1 hour of swimming (treading water) at the Y with Addy (Renee's 6 year old daughter). So a bunch of tag and "racing."
January 29th (Friday): 8++ miles (NT) in the morning.
January 30th (Saturday): Track workout at Fitchburg State's outdoor track with my dad. 2.5 mile warmup. The workout was mile, 3x400, 6x200. 5:02, 69, 68, 69, 33, 32, 32, 32, 31, 31. 2.5 mile cooldown. Cruised through it. Helped to have my dad running laps while I worked out. Home cooked meal by my sister. Ridiculously good (as always).
January 31st (Sunday): Just shy of 13 miles on my 27th birthday in Leominster. Beautiful weather out for January. Homemade lasagna for a late lunch.

58 miles for the week with a solid track workout.

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