New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, February 14, 2016

2015 Review

Yeah, I'm a few weeks late on this. Better late than never. I learned a whole bunch this past year:

  • Two marathons in one calendar year - not my thing
  • The winter season should be spent running less miles, but quality shouldn't suffer
  • Racing myself into shape is a terrible time and not for me
  • I thoroughly enjoy training for marathons, but not always racing them (ain't that the truth)
  • Time off is underrated
  • My hips and IT band need constant attention (foam rolling doesn't cut it anymore)
  • Yoga is super beneficial
  • PRs are great motivators (there are 
  • You learn way more from your mistakes/failures than your successes

I covered roughly 3,460 miles in 2015 (average of 66+ miles a week). I have big plans for 2016 and there are no full marathons on the schedule. Don't worry - plenty of races still in the plan. It's been a solid start to 2016, but the lack of snow has already altered some of the weekends. Gotta roll with the punches and keep at it. Neither of my goal races (VCM and Philly) went well, but I am able to chalk them up as experiences. Plus, those weekends were jam packed with friends and family.

The best way to describe the end of the year is through photographs. See below:

 Cereal and protein shake.

 Views @ Trapp Family in Stowe, VT.


 Ready for a hike.

 I guess my back is comfy.

 Work selfie.

 BLT with onions and cucumbers.

 Hubba hubba. Official NY.

 So big.

 Working on the smiling.



 Cheddar bacon mac and cheese Lays? Gross.

Recovery tools.

 Running it in with the coworkers - their 1st half marathon.

Run bright.

 Relay done. Clothesline.

In my "backyard"
 Work of art.
 Hartford Half Marathon. PR: 67:25.

 From the 15 mile run the day after Hartford.
 VT represent.


Potty training.
 Fuel the body.

 Group shot.
 Taking the W. Kent, CT. 25:02

 New protein powder choice.

 Owls kill things. Through and through.

 Steph Curry with the shot.

 Saucony visited Fleet Feet Malta - we killed the photoshoot!
Selfie with the freshest shirt I own.

Staple dinner - marinated chicken, smashed sweet potatoes, asparagus and pasta.

Date night with the roomie.

Stockadeathon (last mile). 15K PR: 46:21

Yogurt containers full of ice for the bathtub.

Saucony reflective jacket.

Coworker made me a post marathon treat. 
Layer of chocolate chip cookie, layer of Oreos, layer of brownie.
Black Friday movie - one of best traditions.

Finally installed a new battery in my favorite watch.

My niece fast asleep.

Killing it at my cousin's wedding.

Madison chilling while her mommy gets tatted up.

Christmas morning. Face of determination.


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