New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, October 3, 2014

Brocktrot 10K Week

78 miles for the week (with a day off)

September 22nd (Monday): Decided to turn over a new leaf and dress up more for work. Less of the typical "jeans and a polo" attire day in and day out. More of a buttoned down, ironed and tucked in. Burrito mix for lunch. Evening run at 6:30pm. Lost in the trails in the dark towards the end of the run, but made it out alive by scaling a hill to bushwhack to reach someone's backyard. Just shy of 9 miles (62:28).

 Cape Cod taffy. Fuel from yesterday afternoon after Palio Half.

September 23rd (Tuesday): 5 miles (34:38) in the morning. 7 miles (45:25) right after work. Lift session at the gym immediately after (protein shake to hold me over). Down to Clifton Park (10 minutes away) to Spare Time for the start of the bowling league with co-workers from GLOBALFOUNDRIES. 14 weeks total. Threw terrible, but now I can only throw better from here on out. Sweet potatoes fries as a snack/dinner. Stopped at Walmart for a full length mirror and face wash.

September 24th (Wednesday): 3 miles (NT) in the morning. Normal day at work and out on time. I am in a routine of workout Wednesday down at UAlbany. The workout was the exact same as 2 weeks ago. 5xmile with 400 rest. I worked out with a couple people. One was a senior in high school that ran 9:16 as a junior in outdoor. He assisted with the 1st, 3rd and 5th interval. I wasn't sure how my legs were gonna feel after the Palio Half. I ended up cruising the intervals. 2.5 mile warmup around campus. Some strides and onto the track with my Lunaracers. 14.5 miles on the day.

4:55, 4:54, 4:51, 4:53, 4:49. (overall quicker than last time - NBD)

33:06 for a total time for 10K. Rocked the Nike Streak 5's and felt like I was on a bunch of big puffy clouds. So comfy. 2.5 mile cooldown around campus. Home to make some food and head to bed.

September 25th (Thursday): 3 miles (NT) in the morning. Healthy and simple salad for lunch. 10.5 miles (72:39) on my own as I explored some trails and roads around my house at 6:30pm. Good day of recovery and relaxation.

September 26th (Friday): Day off. Mad cleaning for 3+ hours after work. Such a huge stress reliever to organize the room. Down to Albany for a couple beers and crashed at my buddy's house.


September 27th (Saturday): Slept in and had a decent breakfast (eggs and oat bran) before changing up for a long run. Texted Renee to see if she was home in order to use her house as a water stop. She was free all day so I mapped out an 18 mile route with her place at the 10 mile mark. I also received a cheering squad from her kids and a wonderful song from Addy accompanied with some maracas. "You're here. You're here, you're here, you're here." That's it. Sounded like "your hair," but its the thought that counts. She is only 5.

Finished up the remainder of the run and finished up 17.85 miles in 1:51:49. 6:16 pace in 80 degree weather. Calves were sore during the run, but felt wicked smooth. Solid confidence booster.

 Under all those sauteed onions is a baked potato (with plain Greek yogurt) and BBQ chicken.

September 28st (Sunday): 6am wakeup. Oat bran with brown sugar, almond milk and real maple syrup for breakfast. On the road by 6:45am with Goup over to Lenox, Mass. Arrived by 8am to register for the race and use the bathrooms. 2+ mile warmup. Changed in the Nike Streak 5's, calf sleeves and my Fleet Feet jersey. Too warm for a hat and a watch. Race on feel, not splits. Jogged the half mile+ up to the starting line for strides/drills. Off the line well and no one by my side in the first mile. Splits based off the lead car yelling them out to me were as followed:

Mile 1: 4:50 (Downhill and relaxed)
Mile 2: 5:08 (Uphill and pushing)
Mile 3: 4:59 (Some downhill and flats - open road with some sun)
Mile 4: 5:06 (Uphill and some sharp turns)
Mile 5: 5:10 (Stay focused and keep the arms swinging to keep the legs moving)
Finish (last 1.2): 6:30 (5:25 pace with the last mile being uphill - held it together for a strong finish)

31:45 for a road 10K PR. Woohoo! 2+ mile cooldown after walking back to the car to change up with Goup. Food and awards ceremony. On the road back to NY to relax the rest of the day.

 Starting line and the only picture. No action shots.
Photo courtesy of Kevin Sprague.


  1. Congrats on the pr! That 6x1mile workout was beastly! BOOM!!

  2. Thanks man! Felt good and that workout was only 5xmile! Realized I put in a extra interval.