New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Heat/Ice & Rest/Repeat

81 miles for the week (recovery)

September 29th (Monday): 3 miles (21:17) in the morning. Just shy of 9 miles (60:13) through the Pinebush Trails with Pete, Lozier, Macky, and Goup. Good group and quality run. The soft terrain felt good on the calves, but definitely are torn up from the last couple weekends. Lift at 8:30pm at the Torres Gym.

 5 egg cheese omelette. Home fries. Toast. (lunch from yesterday after Brocktrot)

September 30th (Tuesday): 4 miles (29:24) in the morning. Two baked potatoes for lunch. Butter and Greek yogurt to top it off. Another 4 miles (29:04) in the evening. Decided to cut the run short because the calves are still sore - made a proactive decision to skip the Wednesday workout because my goal race not for another 2+ months. One workout is not going make a difference and I might make it worse when its not worth it. Can't get greedy and contract the Superman Syndrome.

 Did it again!

 Two more months until I get to see this wittle bugger!
October 1st (Wednesday): 3 miles (NT) in the morning. Been religious about heating before the run and icing soon after. Even for the morning runs!

Another 9.5 miles (61:29) total at 7pm. Wanted to hit up the trails at Kinns Road, but it was kinda late/dark. Two loops in Kinns and onto the roads through a back neighborhood. Found a grass field to do a couple laps on in. It turned into a mini workout. 300+ meters hard, 100 meters easy. 14x300. Decided to keep rocking intervals until I slowed down. Easy on the legs and raised the heart rate for a solid 20 minutes.

October 2nd (Thursday): 4 miles (28:09) in the morning. 8 miles (55+) in the evening. In the solid routine well of heating and icing. Foam rolling and sticking like crazy too. Continue to recover and get my legs fresh for the Hartford Half.

Egg salad (prepped some at home, some at work) for lunch.

October 3rd (Friday): Just shy of 7 miles (48+) with Renee at 5am. She convinced me to run in the morning somehow. Relaxing run in the dark and good conversation. Stopped at Bentley's for after work refreshments and food. Lots of good laughs with co-workers. Back to the house by 7:30pm to change up and head out for 5 miles (33:58) at 8pm. Stomach a little heavy from beer and fried food, but made it happen. Dedication right there.

Finisher medal put to good use - courtesy of New Bedford.

October 4th (Saturday): 4 miles (NT) first thing in the morning. Work 8:00am-4:30pm. Nonstop day and major OT! No lunch break because I was too busy out in the field. Peanut butter, Nutella (aka hazelnut chocolate spread from Italy Sarah brought back - so good), banana, and honey wrap for a snack when I arrived home to hold me over for my tempo. Mapped out a 10 mile loop. Cut it short at 9.5+ miles (54:14) - tempo 9 in 50:20. Calves tightened up in the middle, but nothing too bad. Ice and protein shake to continue the recovery process. On the upswing.

October 5th (Sunday): 10+ miles with some Fleet Feet women on the new Stockade-athon course in Schenectady. Renee let me borrow the electric stim device for my calf muscles. Take recovery to another level! Used it twice this day (mid afternoon and evening). Relaxed the rest of the day on the couch watching television movies.

 17 oatmeal pancakes (11 for breakfast, 6 saved for later - dinner/snack)

 The right way to cut a banana for wraps.

 Baked potatoes. Greek yogurt, chili powder, hot sauce.

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  1. When are you opening up your restaurant? Congrats on the 10k road PR and good luck this weekend!