New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back For More Hills

April 21st (Monday): The advantage of heading home for the weekend is leftovers! Double stuffed potatoes for lunch. Piece of cheesecake. Chocolate bunny after work. 10+ miles (67:49) at 7pm. Beautiful night out. 70 degrees out.

April 22nd (Tuesday): 3 miles (19:13) in the morning on the normal loop. Easy day at work. Over to Hills Road for a 2nd round. 6 x 0.85 mile loop. 4:44, 4:38, 4:36, 4:33, 4:30, 4:25. Total time: 31:59 for the 6 miles. Down to Zim Smith trail parking for the WRC group run. 3 miles with a stop at The Mill for a brewski. Saucony rep bought the round.

April 23rd (Wednesday): 3 miles (20:09) in the morning. 7+ miles (52:21) in the evening.

April 24th (Thursday): 10 miles (72:35) in the evening with Goup. An easy run out and back along the bike path to keep it flat and relaxed.

April 25th (Friday): 3 miles (18:54) on my own in the morning. 8 miles (54:28) after work. Quicker runs overall today, but felt good.

April 26th (Saturday): Dog sitting for the weekend. Hit up the track in the afternoon for a 4 x mile workout. 3++ mile (24:13) warm-up around the neighborhoods. Workout went well. 5:07, 5:04, 4:59, 4:55. Total time for the 6 miles: 32:51. 2.5 mile cooldown (16:05). 11.5 miles on the day.

Over to a friend's house down the street to hang out with two dogs and sleepover. 

April 27th (Sunday): 18 miles (2:08:11) in the trails down in Clifton Park. Flat and easy. A nature reserve that should be explored again on another day.

85 miles for the week and a quality week of work. For those reading this post, I am looking to catch up on the blog by the end of tonight. I will just be posting mileage of what I remember and some pictures along with the weeks.


  1. Woo hoo! Finally! A void in my life will be filled! I'm counting on it to fuel my fall training!

  2. Me too! Miss you, bro! Keep us posted on the good food and good training.