New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sweet Tooth

January 6th (Monday): Work. Chilled on the couch after work. Some cornbread. Out for a steady 9 miles (60:49) with Goup at 6:15pm.

January 7th (Tuesday): Work. 4+ miles on the treadmill. Crappy weather outside. Stopped at Planet Fitness in Clifton Park to cancel the membership. Grabbed a large handful of tootsie rolls as a last hooray. I felt like Jim Carrey from Liar Liar. Specifically at 10 seconds (grabbed it like the air freshener). Down to Albany for a solid strength training session with a couple of the team members.

 Pre-run snack. Organic chocolate pudding.

 Pre-workout fuel.

January 8th (Wednesday): Just another day at work. 8+ miles (54:23) with Goup in the evening. Temperatures were in the teens. Chili all week for dinners. Started reading my car manual (dad found it online) and came across the page below. My car automatically locks the door after a certain miles/hr. Once I park the car and turn it off, my door would be the only one that unlocked. Ughh! Boom! Found the solution in the manual!


 Reading my online manual for my car.

I like my milk extra cold. Tossed it in the freezer for 10 minutes before having chili for dinner.

January 9th (Thursday): Work. Right after work, we stopped at the local gym in the Hannaford's parking lot right by our complex and ended up signing up for a year (only $99 bucks). A mom and pop place that is pretty low key. The guy was super nice. Steve Torres.

Thought it was pretty cold out, but once we were out there. No issues. 10.5 miles (75:04) with Goup at 5:30pm. Solid run for a Thursday evening. Over to our new gym for a lifting session. Abs, some arms, and lots of squats/lower body.

January 10th (Friday): Easy day. Might Ducks: D2 was on television. So we ran after the movie was over. 5+ miles (43:14) with Goup. First mile was 8:26 and we didn't have an intention of picking it up. We didn't. Chilled on the couch the rest of the night.

January 11th (Saturday): Up to Saratoga in the morning for a run with Megan. A solid 10 miles (69:50) on the outskirts of Saratoga. Quiet roads. Back to the house to relax most of the day. Goup and I walked over to Hannaford's in the evening to pick up a Redbox movie and ice cream. Bowl of ice cream with Sarah's homemade caramel! Yum!

Omelet with cheddar cheese.

Breyer's chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

January 12th (Sunday): 7:00am wakeup. Cornbread for breakfast. Down to Albany for a group long run. 15+ miles (1:44:36). The last 4-5 miles we picked it up. Last 5 miles: 6:10, 5:50, 5:53, 5:55, 5:54. Smooth and felt good to cruise. It was decided before the run started so it was a group effort. Solid run. Big pancake breakfast after at Paley's house. Chocolate chips in some the pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Forgot to capture the moment before we dug in. There will be plenty more of them so I'm not worried. 62 miles for the week and a solid week of work. Getting into a groove.

Another batch of chili made at night for the week. Dinner for the week!

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