New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Week + Goose Eggs

December 23rd (Monday): Rain all day. Slept in like a champ. The Danbury Fair Mall for some last minute shopping for my sisters with Sarah, Erin, my Dad and Dom. Craziness, but we made it out alive. Day off. Purchased a diesel snow brush and all weather mats for my Honda.

December 24th (Tuesday): Christmas Eve. Easy 4.5 miles (34:15) with my dad and Sarah. Over to New Milford to have dinner with everyone.

December 25th (Wednesday): Christmas day consisted of stockings, a huge breakfast (German pancakes and bacon), present exchanging, shower and ran around helping my mom set up for an early Christmas dinner. Day off.

Photobooth fun.

December 26th (Thursday): Early morning travel back to NY. Slow day at work. Exhausted. Home to nap for a few hours. Too tired to run. Day off.

December 27th (Friday): Work. Home to back up quickly before heading back down to Newtown for the baby shower weekend. 6 miles (39:04). Quality hilly progression run after a couple goose eggs.

December 28th (Saturday): 10 miles (69:56). Last mile with my dad. He was out running with Tucker. He turned around when he saw me. Ran the last bit hard with Tucker (she was galloping along) and my dad.

December 29th (Sunday): 17 miles (2+ hours) at 7:15am with my buddy Pat Dennen and some veterans on a dirt/pavement bike path a couple towns over. Solid run. Haven't run that long since the marathon. Boosted my motivation and ready to get back into the swing of things after a holiday week. 38 miles with 3 days off. Not bad.

 Tucker has the ability to get pretty comfortable.

 Notice the lip.

I spoiled her and let her stay on the cot with me every night.

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